Displaying Books No.2

• 15 March 2010

More fun and creative ways to display books in any type of space. I personally am grateful to have found pretty ways to display paperbacks. Somehow we end up with many more of those than hardbacks (probably because they are less expensive!).

If you missed Part I, click here.

1. Stacking your books in a manner resembling the shape of the furniture.

2. Towers of paperbacks on a fireplace mantle, spines showing. That's one way of eliminating the "how-to-decorate-my-mantle-tastefully" dilemma!

3. Mixing styles in one space + adding a tchotchke or two for visual interest.

4. Paperback books stacked with spines hidden, showing just the slight variation in page colors.

5. Neutral colored spines + attractive bookends = a surprisingly lovely display!

6. Display children's books on open shelving, covers showing, so your child can see just what he/she is in the mood for. Also adds color and visual interest to an otherwise blank wall. I love this idea! It would fun to incorporate this look in a playroom too (if you are lucky enough to have such a space).

7. Discard the dustcovers (or just store carefully elsewhere in case you change your mind), and arrange books in color combinations that appeal to you and compliment your space. Such a fun look!

8. Live in an apartment where you can't use the fireplace? Well, here's your solution via one of Design*Sponge's many fabulous "sneak peeks". Use it as storage for those larger, more difficult-to-store-in-a-small-space kind of books. Consider it the overflow area from your coffee table.

image 1 (unknown*), 2, 3, 4-5, 6, 7, 8

* the image is from Amy Cooper's southern home, and the page is labeled "Decorating Fall 2008) but it doesn't state the source of the magazine title and I do not recognize the font. If you know the source, please let me know!


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