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• 15 March 2010

Have you been keeping track of Victoria's "Blog it Forward" series? I hope so! It's been a lot of fun and I'm shocked how quickly time has flown. There was a time when it seemed like forever until my turn :) And now I have the chance to share with you a summary of "what inspires me most"--the theme of the series. Albeit time consuming, it was a lot of fun to capture that in one post, I must admit.

So let's get started! Keep in mind these are in no particular order :)

1. it bright ribbon, a simple hemstitched cloth napkin, or a cold, fruit soup, I am inspired by it all!

2. My children. They inspire me to be a better person in too many ways to mention here.

3. Green mixed with natural light. This grove inspired me in a small and simple way last year.

4. Simple kitchen tools that are well-crafted, of high quality, and don't cost a fortune. Now that's my kind of gadget! The fact they are made in Europe and not China usually helps too :)

5. Who can resist a gorgeous kitchen complete with Tolix stools and lights from OTC? So far, not me....both my simple kitchen and La Maisonnette have one or both. I'm all about buying a kitchen table from Target just so I can have a couple nice pieces.

6. Brown paper packages tied up with string. No really though, anything simply but thoughtfully packaged goes a long way in my book.

7. Anything from Japan. Anything. The Vapors' one hit wonder, "Turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so..." comes to mind :)

8. A stack of good magazines. A few others I'd like to add to this list are Marie Claire Maison, Marie Claire Idées, and House Beautiful.

9. A good French flea market makes me giddy for days. If only I had one of those large containers to fill with lots of vintage goodies.

Tomorrow the following blog picks up the baton in my group: storyboard c. Enjoy!

All images are mine except 2, 6, 7 (oh drat...source unknown)


  1. ahhh! wonderful inspiration! i'm in love with those kitchens! it's all quite lovely - thanks so much for joining in! :)

  2. you're right, this blog it forward mashup has been going by fast! loved your post.

  3. A wonderful list. I always love the thoughtful simplicity of #6.


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