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Easy Spring Style

• 18 March 2010

Lately some beautiful Spring collections have been showcased on around the blogosphere...all very much swoon-worthy and inspiring. Some of my favorites include, Built by Wendy, Harvey Faircloth and Kate Spade. But, with the exception of a few stellar or classic pieces, I'm the kind of girl more likely to wear something that I like a lot, but that I found for a good deal. Without the latter, it's usual a "no-go" :)

In the Summertime when we spend more time at the park than anywhere else it seems, I like the idea of wearing a soft, cotton skirt that breathes...and a simple top with maybe a fun detail or two...and a pair of shoes that are not only comfortable but look stylish too. Add in a pair of hammered gold hoops and I'd call that my ideal summer uniform.

Here are some simple, versatile, and seemingly comfortable skirts I've spotted. None of them run over $50 and one is as low as $16. Awesome.

Beginning top left and moving clockwise: skirt 1; skirt 2; skirt 3; skirt 4; skirt 5; skirt 6; skirt 7; skirt 8

And of course we can't forget our feet...a very important part of our daily comfort! Below I've presented some choices that hopefully fit every personal style and/or lifestyle. Some are slightly "rugged", some more sophisticated, others bohemian, most pretty classic. Shopping links are included below the images in case you're interested in seeing more. Enjoy!

Beginning top left (read like a book): black sandal*; peep toe croc; mauve lace-up; bronze wrap; bronze rugged; red ankle-wrap*; chocolate brown; blue; cognac w/studs

p.s. did you know that I found every single one of these sandals in the "comfort" section? Yup. It's not just the section where your grandma shops anymore :)

* my favorites


  1. i have been looking for a good sandal this season and i can't seem to find one for a reasonable price!! p.s. love harvey faircloth

  2. Yikes those mauve lace-ups are fab! Have a fun weekend :)

  3. I have the Old Navy fold-over skirt (skirt 4) in gray! I love it! It is so soft and so pretty (and feminine!) I would definately recommend buying this classic piece!

  4. I lived in skirts just like those last summer! I cannot wait to do it again. They're so versatile, and comfortable to boot!

    p.s. come check out my giveaway!

  5. Hi! I just got some super cute sandals at Garnet Hill, a lot like the ones you have pictured - and found a coupon code for 25% off - G9KMENT. Wohoo for a good deal!

    Thanks for the inspiration! Happy spring!

  6. Love all of those skirts, & they're perfect for me right now since I have a growing belly that will be debuting itself in full form this summer, I'm sure!

  7. The link for that last one on the bottom right is links back to one of the other shoes. Could you let me know where it's from? I really like it!

  8. TheMoncurs: the skirt is from Bluefly, but it doesn't look like it is still available. Drat! They do have some other cute skirts though...


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