Taking Time

• 22 March 2010

Last night we put the kids down nice and early, after a very, very long Sunday. Taking advantage of the quiet, I sat down at the computer to hoping to find a specific photo--something popped into my mind earlier that day and I wanted to be sure to make note. What ended up happening I did not predict.

As I went through every.single.photo. on my computer I became emotional as I took in how many pictures I used to take (especially of my first child), and all the fun places and activities we've done together as a little family over the years. I realized that as the size of our family increased, the "fun factor" in our family decreased. You know what else decreased? The amount of pictures and video I record. I contemplated this situation for a couple of hours and came up with a few thoughts:

1. There are some days when I just screw up my priorities--i.e. putting more emphasis on my "to-do" list when I should be stopping. recording. playing. talking. and enjoying my children.

2. Being happy is a choice...and how I react to situations is also a choice. Fun Mommy needs to show her face more often.

3. Focusing more on the experience is more important than perfecting logistics.

4. Memories are an important part of a child's self-worth and as a parent I need to do more to create more and record more.

I know Mondays are full of long lists of things to get done. It's a busy day for many of us..but maybe today we should all take the time to create a fun memory and ignore that "to-do" list for a bit. Take a silly picture. Interview your child for 5 minutes on the video recorder. Follow him/her around the yard for 10 minutes looking for signs of Spring together. Because life passes by far too quickly and soon that little person won't be so little anymore.

Just a thought :)



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