stephmodo: Sour Cream-Blueberry Waffles

Sour Cream-Blueberry Waffles

• 23 March 2010

For some reason, I've always been more of an early-riser...especially when younger (if only I'd known how precious sleep was to become later in life!). Despite staying up late with friends on Friday night, I'd always wake up on Saturday morning well before anyone else in my family. I found myself bored...and increasingly hungry for a good breakfast. It was this predicament that motivated me to begin learning how to cook. I took my mom's Betty Crocker cookbook off the shelf and started with basic homemade pancakes. It turns out, they are quite simple to make! I started making breakfast for my family just about every Saturday, experimenting with apple cinnamon pancakes, banana pancakes and blueberry pancakes. Then I'd take a piece of plain white paper and write down the menu for the morning and tape it to the door leading to the kitchen. It was a such a fun tradition for me and I'd assume my sisters and parents enjoyed it too :)

Today I'm sharing my latest favorite breakfast food over at the Zupas foodie blog. If you like what you see in the above picture, jump over for the recipe. They are delicious!

p.s. Just because waffles are traditionally a "breakfast food", they are not limited to only that meal. We've been known to have breakfast for supper quite often around here...


  1. Looks tasty. Funny, I was just talking about gluten-free waffles on my blog yesterday. I had been missing them and found a good gluten-free version. I haven't tried sour cream, must give it a go!

  2. I have many wonderful memories of breakfasts at your home when we were kids! Can't wait to try out this recipe!

  3. i love pancakes, and this looks so yummy! we usually have a quick breakfast mon-fri; typical cereal or oatmeal but we go all out on weekends! will have to give this recipe a try :)

  4. just made waffles for dinner last night. i'd like to give your sour cream recipe a try.

  5. Another silly coincidence --- I pulled a recipe to make ricotta blueberry pancakes this week. LOL :)

  6. those sound so good! can't wait to try them out.

  7. Breakfast for dinner is always a big hit in our house.

    Your waffles look delish!

  8. Made these for dinner last night and they were delicious.


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