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Muji Pens

• 25 May 2010

If you've ever dropped by a Muji store (in NYC or abroad), you know what a temptation the office/school supplies are--particularly the "pen bar" as I like to call it. I've never seen so many well-designed, reasonably-priced writing instruments in one setting. Pens made of wood, acrylic, stainless steel, etc. And then you move over to the bright colors and you realize there is no way you're leaving without a couple. What you see above is what I left with most recently :)

You can find these pens and others on Muji's US website, or even on Ebay.

p.s. It was fun to see the Muji manufactured by Thonet chairs in person. They are very lovely, but that is no surprise!


  1. I love the Muji store here in NYC! They have such great basics.

  2. I love Muji! I just bought the New York City in a bag and two pop up message cards from the shop in Soho.

  3. Muji is the best! My first experience was at JFK terminal 5 at the mini-Muji store where I spent almost an hour the picking out pens, notepads, etc.


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