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Antique Lockets

• 02 June 2010

I finally got around to putting miniature pictures inside an antique, French locket I purchased at a brocante last year. If I understood the vendor correctly, it's almost 100 years old (although I am open to the fact that I could've been scammed--I am hoping that's not the case!). Best of all, I love it. Love the size, the shape, and the dotted design. As an added bonus, it is in excellent shape and I admit I do feel more romantic with it around my neck :)

You could find a unique, antique (or at the very least, "vintage") locket for yourself too! Try trolling around Etsy, hitting a local flea market (for the urbanites), an antique store, or even Ebay. You'll never know what you'll find! I took a peek at both websites and saw many-a-deal-too-be-had.

p.s. this is a polaroid taken during our engagement picture session back in 1999.


  1. Love the dotted design, too!

  2. That is a lovely design locket, who cares how old it really is! I found a lovely old locket on ebay a while back - they are out there!

  3. I stopped looking for a locket. Everything I saw was so cheesy. So mass-produced. I have looked at antique stores but they've not turned up anything I could afford - or were too big, too small, too ornate, etc, etc. I agree, the one you've found is just right. I've stopped searching and know the right one will materialise at the right moment. Always the way.

  4. Love this post, because I love lockets! They are such personal pieces of jewelry. My husband gave me a new locket as my wedding present! I'll definitely have to cruise the web another one. Yours is awesome!


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