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Best Picnic Basket

• 24 June 2010

With picnic season in full swing, I can't help but share with you one of my seasonal favorites--this picnic basket by Longaberger. My parents gave one to us during our engagement and we've enjoyed many-a-picnic over the years with this basket. In fact, our basket has withstood 9 moves...two of them cross-country. Very few things made it across the country with us, but this timeless, durable classic was not to be left behind! Amazingly enough it still looks new, almost 11 years later. Our version has a wood top on it with a few toggles (which I highly recommend)...sans fabric liner.

If a picnic basket is not in your near future, throw a large blanket in the trunk of your car for impromptu picnics over the next few months. I am always surprised how often we use ours and the kids really enjoy the spontaneity of a last-minute picnic.

p.s. you can find good deals on these high-quality picnic baskets on Ebay too.

image used with permission from honey & jam (a lovely food blog most assuredly worthy of a peek)


  1. I have that same picnic basket. Love it!!!

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  3. I love my collapsible picnic basket. I use it for picnics, swim meets, transporting dinner to friends, taking treats to school.

  4. How ironic to find this post today! I JUST yesterday posted about a picnic I did and I used a LOT of longaberger baskets! I would so love to share it with you:

    I agree with you, these are the BEST baskets for picnics. :)

  5. that picnic basket is pretty great!! i got a really colorful one from target i can't wait to use!

  6. I lost my picnic basket in a move so kudos to you for hanging on to yours! I've been looking for a new one for a while - finally a replacement contender!!

  7. I grew up ten minutes from the town where Longaberger baskets are woven. There's a giant basket in the center of town, and their corporate headquarters are in the shape of a basket. Complete with handles.

  8. So pretty!

    This has nothing to do with this post per se, but I just want to thank you for blogging. My life has been insane the past few days and I have this stress headache that just won't quit and I have 140 blogs to read in the google reader. I've just been marking them all as "read" until I got to yours. Yours are always so beautiful, quick, and calming. I appreciate it. I can feel the headache lifting as I type...

  9. I have one of these. My mother has a Longaberger obsession, so b-days and christmas always bring a basket to my doorstep. The picnic basket is one of only 3 that I actually use and love!


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