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La Maisonnette 2011

• 12 July 2010

Just a heads up...we opened up the 2011 schedule at La Maisonnette! You can view all the details and calendar here.

A few notes I'd like to share regarding La Maisonnette:

1. Many thanks to the bloggers who've stayed here and taken such good care of our cottage. We appreciate you so much and are thrilled to share this part of our life with you. Our manager says that almost without exception, that blog reader guests have been clean, respectful, friendly and interesting. Merci beaucoup many times over!

2. I love staring at this image captures the magic of Beynac so perfectly and also depicts the grassy hill next to the cottage in such a lovely way. When there a few months ago checking up on things, the Chief Architect of France (the same person who has to approve anything we do to the exterior of our cottage) ordered a fence erected along the cobblestone path until the restoration on a portion of the 850-year-old castle wall is completed. We are hoping its restoration lasts the same amount of time as ours :)

3. Nicole and Candace are hosting a photography retreat in Beynac this week. It's been fun to share with them our favorite little spots. I hope everyone loves the area (and foie gras) as much as we do.

4. Here's a fun Rick Steves video that gives a bit of history on the village and surrounding area. He is a big fan too!

top image by Sigfrid Lopez / remaining images by Stephanie Brubaker


  1. My husband and I have reserved the chateau for the week before Christmas, and I must say... Every time you post pictures or words about La Maisonnette, I feel a little rush of excitement!!!

    I can't wait!

    P.S. I will definitely get up the blogger standard by leaving it clean and as perfect as I find it!


  2. Hi Steph! I am visiting my parents right now and spent some time last night showing them all of your pictures of the beautiful La Maisonette. They are excited to make their reservations for next fall!

  3. If we ever get to France, we will be making reservations with you!

  4. Such a lovely chateau! I hope to find myself coming for a visit some day.

  5. Did you take the first picture in the post? I would love to frame it and hang it on my wall so that I may dream about a future trip to "La Maisonnette.." Beautifully dreamy.

  6. Dorothy, the amazing Sigfrid Lopez took the image.

  7. Stephanie

    I have sent an email to you through the VRBO website requesting a reservation for La Maisonnette. I hope you receive it!



  8. Hadley Duncan HowardFebruary 1, 2012 at 8:19 PM

    Can't tell you how much we're looking forward to spending this next Christmas at La Maisonnette! A storybook holiday for our little family.


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