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Creative Ways to Use Japanese Masking Tape

• 13 September 2010

This week I bought a Japanese book about ways to use Japanese masking tape, per the recommendation of A Spoonful of Sugar. The above image of little houses is an excerpt from the book and when I spotted it, I knew then and there it was a must-have! How adorable are those? Can't wait to receive it in the mail in a couple of weeks!

I'm also enjoying Holly's quick frame spruce-up featured on decor8 awhile back as well as these fun images from Etsy vendor Studio Koizumi. And we can't forget this lovely piece at Project Wedding that I would use for a dinner party or shower instead. So, so cute.

image 1 - How to Use Masking Tape / image 2 - Holly Becker for decor8 / image 3 - Studio Koizumi


  1. You are going to love the book!Japanese Masking tape is so much fun.

  2. Hey,

    Hello from Japan!

    We always use masking tape here to decorate our 2 year-old's clothes.
    He loves it!


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