Creative Ways to Use Japanese Masking Tape

• 13 September 2010

This week I bought a Japanese book about ways to use Japanese masking tape, per the recommendation of A Spoonful of Sugar. The above image of little houses is an excerpt from the book and when I spotted it, I knew then and there it was a must-have! How adorable are those? Can't wait to receive it in the mail in a couple of weeks!

I'm also enjoying Holly's quick frame spruce-up featured on decor8 awhile back as well as these fun images from Etsy vendor Studio Koizumi. And we can't forget this lovely piece at Project Wedding that I would use for a dinner party or shower instead. So, so cute.

image 1 - How to Use Masking Tape / image 2 - Holly Becker for decor8 / image 3 - Studio Koizumi


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

You are going to love the book!Japanese Masking tape is so much fun.

Lullatone said...


Hello from Japan!

We always use masking tape here to decorate our 2 year-old's clothes.
He loves it!

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