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• 13 October 2010

Well folks...this was officially the most popular giveaway on this blog EVER. I guess we are all ready to hop over to France for an idyllic vacation, and who can blame us? And even if everyone can't win a free week, you can still enjoy La Maisonnette this Fall/Winter/Spring for the same price as a Holiday Inn Express for a week. Not too shabby for the chance to hunt for truffles with the former personal chef of France (who by chance uses Napoleonic maps to scour her 30 acre property for these delicious treasures); or to stroll the cobblestone streets all bundled up in the crisp air. You may be interested to know that our cooler-month-guests have nothing but great things to say about staying in Beynac at this time. And since the price is right, I hope we see more of you!

And the lucky winner, according to, is:

Congratulations Tate Family! Please contact me at to start planning your lovely vacation! Thank you all for participating and for your comments. I appreciate them immensely!

Just one year ago we completed the renovation of La Maisonnette du Coteau (see top right). However, in many respects it feels like forever ago. I guess major life changes--like having a baby, moving, and a new job--kinda do that to you. It seems like we are inadvertently making it more and more difficult to get ourselves back to the beautiful village of Beynac, which we love so much.

This time of year I yearn to don my winter coat and scarf, and walk the quiet, cobblestone paths through Beynac before heading back to the cottage for hot chocolate by the warm fire. A crisp bike ride or hike through the countryside might be fun too, or perhaps a jaunt through the local market trolling for fresh truffles to bring back to La Maisonnette and cook on the gorgeous La Canche. Oh, and how can we forget that tub--the one that overlooks the lazy Dordogne river and the surrounding valley. Now that sounds cozy, doesn't it? Don't even get me started on the thought of being there for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or for Les Soldes (one of two times per year there are sales in France). I hope I've lured you into my La Maisonnette spell because I'd like to offer you something very special--a week at La Maisonnette for you and a guest!

Why, you ask? Well, this year has been eventful to say the least, but you've been so supportive through it all. I've appreciated the emails and the comments so very much...more than you'll know! In addition, you've generated publicity about La Maisonnette for which we are grateful; and those of you who stayed at La Maisonnette took darn good care of this sweet place, and that means the world to us. Since we have a bit of vacancy during the cooler months, we are in a position to offer a free week during November or February (think: Valentine's Day!). Picture yourself in southern France, enjoying this unique time of year and all the Perigord Noir has to offer. If you want to add to the moment, you can complete a refresher on La Maisonnette right here.

Excited?!! I hope so. I'm excited FOR you. Bonne chance dear readers!

p.s. Before leaving a comment, and therefore entering yourself officially into this giveaway, please read the guidelines below as they are specific to this giveaway. Merci!

Giveaway Guidelines:

- You have 6 days to enter this giveaway (closes Monday, October 18th at midnight).
- Make 1 comment on this post to enter.

- Anonymous comments will be ignored so make sure we know who you are!
The winner will be chosen via and announced on Tuesday, October 19th at the
top of this post.
- The prize (one free week) is for you and a guest. (you will still be required to send in a deposit of 500 Euros, which is fully refundable after your stay)
- The prize is non-transferable. Please enter for you and not someone else.
- The free week is only good during the following weeks: November 19-26; November 26-Dec 3; February 4-11; or February 11-18. Please make absolutely sure you'll be able to get over to France during one of these weeks before entering the giveaway.
Winners, please respond within 48 hours of the announcement to secure your romantic getaway for 2 (!!).

Again, I'm so excited for you all! Thank you for everything you've done for this blog (and for me), and I wish you the best of luck in winning this fantastic giveaway.


images 1, 6, 7 - Sigfrid Lopez / images 2, 4, 5- moi / image 3 -


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