stephmodo: Cherry Tomatoes, Sel Gris + Herbs

Cherry Tomatoes, Sel Gris + Herbs

• 05 October 2010

Yesterday, I looked out the window and noticed dots of red all over my garden. To be honest, I'd pretty much forgotten I even had a garden with so much going on these days. That, my friends, just goes to show what a green thumb I have. Ha! After sending out one of my children to pillage the cherry tomatoes, I decided to immediately put them to use in our dinner salad. It turns out it was the best salad I've eaten in some time. And it was so simple to make!

I'm sharing the method over at Zupas can join me over there.

image by Stephanie Brubaker


  1. I wish I could have a garden and just randomly discover cherry tomatoes in it, and then use it for the salad :) Chances are , even if I did have them I would wait for special time to use them, and then they would go bad :P

  2. Filipa, if I can do it, you can do it. My garden is a mess and the only thing I've successfully grown this year are cherry tomatoes and herbs. Seriously. Everything else died! Try a garden pot on your porch or in your window sill perhaps. I guess it is the end of the season year?!

  3. Yum... my own tomatoe plants died in the heat of the summer, but theres nothing like home grown :-)

  4. Cherry tomatoes are the only thing I've successfully grown in our garden this year. Ps loving that image you took!!


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