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Winslow Homer Postal Stamps

• 03 October 2010

I consider it a real treat when I can integrate design into my daily routine without breaking the bank; for me, it's one of life's simple pleasures. Beautiful postal stamps are one such example, and for a mere 44 cents I'll take it! I appreciate the chance to gussy up a piece of mail with something other than the forever stamp (no offense Liberty Bell). First we enjoyed Eames stamps, then the Abstract Expressionists, and now the work of American artist, Winslow Homer. Man, my outgoing mail looked awfully pretty today.

p.s. get to the p.o. quick...the good lookin' stamps always sell out first :)

p.p.s. have you ever ordered stamps online? I love doing this--it's free, it's fast (I hate those long lines) and super convenient as they arrive with your daily mail. And let's be's nice to receive something besides junk mail or bills.


  1. I feel the same - especially at holiday time. I like the evergreen ones and since it never fails that the stamp I want is sold out at the p.o., I'll do as you recomment and order on line this year. Thanks!

  2. i have ordered online, actually i designed it and they made stamps out of it for me.You can take a picture of your family or simply an illustration. here is their link:

  3. love stamps - and sending letters. I send a lot of letters.

  4. These stamps are beautiful! Congrats on your exciting news about the move. Seattle is such a wonderful place! I'm sad you'll be leaving us, though. :(

  5. oh cool. i didn't know you could order stamps online. so convenient! and the selection is way better than at my local post office too.


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