Seattle...Here We Come

• 02 October 2010

We're feeling a little crazy around here. So crazy in fact that we've decided that one major life event isn't enough...let's add one or two more. New baby, new job and an out-of-state move! I'm chuckling as I write this, but I'll probably be crying about it later when I start thinking about logistics. Okay, breathe...

Later this month we'll be leaving our current locale, Salt Lake City, and taking our recently-expanded family up to Seattle. My husband begins a new job there and we are excited for the opportunity to live in a city we already enjoy so much. Oh, and my sister lives there too--added bonus!

I have a few questions for those of you who know Seattle well, either because you live there right now, have visited, or grew up there. Would you mind helping me out here and sharing some of your firsthand knowledge with me? It would be fantastic to have a head start. I'd love to know what your favorite towns and/or neighborhoods in the Seattle area are; also, what are your favorite haunts, shops, restaurants, treat spots and places of interest in the area? If you have elementary-aged children, a little info on the public schools wouldn't hurt either. Do tell if you would :) Merci in advance!

p.s. if you have a lot to say and would rather send an email, please send it to: thanks!

image by Rachel Jones of Black Eiffel


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