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Cute Birthday Party Themes + More on Babble

• 31 October 2010

I'm sharing more fun stuff I think you'll enjoy over at Babble this week.

Where to find a total steal-of-a-deal on lighting (if you're a fan of Restoration Hardware lighting, pay attention to this one!)

More matryoshka doll goodness for that Matryoshka Doll/Nesting Doll Birthday Party you're going to throw for your little girl. I did and it was cute with a capital "C".

Letterpress cards for 35 cents each plus these gorgeous, lovely-to-the-touch wooden cards. I've never seen anything this unique when it comes to gift-giving stationery. I am saving mine for a few people who I know will appreciate how utterly rad they are :)

Eco-friendly snack bags for your child's lunch box; perfect for anyone trying to be more eco-friendly and eliminate those plastic sandwich/snack bags of which we use far too many (me included). I think these would make cute stocking stuffers too and they are not expensive at all!

If your little guy or gal loves his/her sock monkey, wouldn't it be fun to throw a Sock Monkey Birthday Party? Here is everything you'll need for an adorable party.


  1. Stephanie,

    I linked to the letterpress site [Nite Owl paper is one of my favorite letterpress companies] and 35 cents is an amazing deal, but I couldn't find anything with those kinds of prices on the site. Where should I look to find the blowout sale?

  2. Marilyn! Love your newish profile pic btw. Okay, so I checked out the sale and it looks like they must've sold their inventory in just a few days (I posted about this last week). Bummer :( I'll tweet about it the next time I spot a sale like this again, okay?! xo

  3. I have a sock monkey Christmas tree. We put it out when we are too tired to put up the real tree. It has all sizes of little sock monkeys and little teeny socks to make the monkeys. I have made several sock monkey baby quilts and doll quilts and will attempt to make my own sock monkey from vintage socks this year. I am not a good stuffer, so it will be a challenge. I even have sock monkey hand made sculpey beads that I bought on ebay. Ann

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