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Design Your Own Custom Bike for a Song

• 01 November 2010

What a fun discovery this week! UO teamed up with Republic Bikes to offer a customized bike option to anyone willing to drop 400 bones; which, actually isn't an outrageous price for something that is 1. custom and 2. a well-made and 3. reflective of classy, vintage styling. I think it's such a fun idea and the perfect outlet for personal expression. Want two different colored tires? You got it. Want to combine orange and yellow bicycle with a green leather seat? Well, you can have that too.

My advice? Grab that tear of the expensive European bike you've been dreaming of for years and try and replicate it as closely as possible. You'll get some serious bang for your buck (at least in the good looks category!) as you'll save yourself a few hundred dollars.

Start building that bicycle here.


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