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Helping Haiti

• 27 January 2011

I think we'd all unanimously agree that Haiti has endured an exorbitant amount of suffering over the last year or two. It's heartwrenching to watch one country be slammed with natural disaster after natural disaster. In particular, my heart goes out to the hardworking women and mothers who make daily sacrifices to try and keep their families intact. I can't even imagine how they must feel.

If you're looking for a reputable organization, to which you'd like to donate funds for rebuilding Haiti, then the PADF is a great place to start. I've found their staff friendly, helpful and easy to work with; also, 100% of your donated funds go directly towards the relief effort (vs. those who use a portion of donated funds to cover admin expenses). This is a great "gift" to present that person in your life who either 1. has everything, or 2. cares deeply about world/environmental issues.

There is a powerful photo essay you can watch online here--but keep in mind there is sound accompanying the photographer's slideshow. So, if you're at work, maybe watch it when you get home tonight...

image by Patrick Farrell for The Miami Herald


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