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Claudio Corallo Chocolate

• 14 January 2011

Last night my husband came home with a scrumptious treat for me--a brown bag from Claudio Corallo Chocolates holding a decadent oversized macaroon that was unlike any other I've tasted. I ate it quickly...too quickly...but I couldn't help myself. It was exquisite!

So...I looked up Claudio on the web and it turns out he has an amazing story. With his wife and 3 kids, he lived in a beach hut on a remote West African island, nurturing cocoa and coffee plants on his plantation. Exotic cocoa plants dotted the island, thanks to monkeys who developed a taste for the plant and happily spread the seeds across the rainforest. And now we can reap the benefits at his sweet, little chocolate shop right here in Seattle. Non-locals can take advantage of his online presence here. Yum!

p.s. you can read more about Claudio's story in a letter he wrote. I'll be thinking about this all day...incredibly inspiring.

images 1, 3 - Claudio Corallo Chocolates / image 2 - NYT


  1. I toured a chocolate farm while in Costa Rica and it was most fascinating to witness the process:

    It makes you think twice before buying chocolate.

    Also, if you have not already you should check out Theo's Chocolates.

  2. i love this post, and i must have more info regarding the macaron. so far i've just tackled making the basic one. YUM.


  3. Man I love this website. Anytime, I will go.

  4. i went to his website, read his letter, ordered some cholcolates- i loved all of it!! thanks!



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