stephmodo: The Perfect Pencil Skirt + a Modern Aquarium for Under $30

The Perfect Pencil Skirt + a Modern Aquarium for Under $30

• 14 January 2011

Playing a bit of catch up this week and realized I hadn't shared a bunch of my latest posts for Babble this week. Here are some pretty things and great deals I think you might enjoy knowing about:

There's been a lot of 2011 calendars circulating the web as of late, but this is my favorite one. The color saturation is awesome (images above are also from the same press).

If you haven't jumped onto the iPhone bandwagon due to price, now is the time to jump over. It's an amazing phone and it's now only $50. In fact, I just bought one for myself this week after my kids accidentally busted up my old one :(

The black pencil skirt we should all own...and it's on sale for under $30. Ah yeah.

Attention all Petit Prince fans, the sweetest, most beautiful pop up book is now available...swoon! This would make the perfect baby gift for a boy or girl, don't you think?

Since January is all about de-cluttering, why not rid the fridge-front of all random magnets and use these instead? I have them and love 'em. I really enjoy how they clean up the space.

A modern residence for that cute, little goldfish of yours. Design aficianados will be so happy to have a budget-friendly option that doesn't come from Petco.

I know it seems like they should be easy to find, but attractive storage baskets are actually few and far between in my opinion. However, I really like these a lot and they aren't nearly as expensive as similar counterparts.

I think these outdoor rugs are perfect for my patio because they are both lovely and inexpensive--my favorite combination!


  1. Thank you for keeping me on my toes about decluttering and home organization. You really do inspire me to keep it simple and clutter free. I have one of your lists for such on my fridge and look at it often.

  2. While you're on the subject of The Little Prince, my sister found the cutest sticky notes in Korea last year in the shape (and with the graphic) of the elephant within the boa. If I can find them on the web, I'll forward the link on to you. It was so cute, I haven't been able to part with any. :)

  3. I loooove the Little Prince and have been eying that pop up version for a while!

    And thanks for the heads up on the West Elm baskets. I've been looking for a giant basket for my newest baby (coming soon)to sleep in and I think the French laundry basket might be the hot ticket. (Do you think it could work?!) Then, after a month or so he can move to the crib and I'll use it for storage. Perfect!



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