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Dutch Bicycles

• 04 January 2012

This week I began a campaign to convince my in-laws, who live in the Netherlands for a little while longer, to bring me back a Dutch bicycle :)  Ha!  We will see how successful I am, but I am dreaming of one of these pretties anyway.  When in Holland last year it seemed like everyone rode their bikes everywhere regardless of how old or young they were.  It was so inspiring!  Granted they have dedicated bike paths all over the place, better ensuring their safety, but still, I feel there is something to be learned from it all.  Maybe if I had a lovely bicycle I would be better about staying in shape?  Kind of like if I had an organized, well-lit laundry room I would actually do the laundry? :) 

images 1, 3 from Beaux Mondes, a blog showcasing a pretty girl riding around on a pretty bicycle  /  image 2 - Copenhagan Cyclery


  1. Dear Stephanie, very happy & healthy New Year to you! These bicycles do look like a good motivation for some well spent time outside. I was just thinking that maybe also Gant sells these types (at least in Europe, I think).
    Thank you for always inspiring (and for me calming) posts.

  2. My family and I recently lived in Holland for 4 years. Our favorite part was the bike riding! We each brought home a "Dutch bike" and we love riding around the neighborhood. We opted for the 3-speed version.

  3. Love it Steph! My parents have an exchange student from Holland and she talks about riding bikes all the time. I hope you get one!

  4. I miss Noord-Holland for the same reason. I lived there are year and actually got 3 bikes from police auction in Amsterdam... So many bikes are left at train stations or stolen that they sell them. I have not been able to find a better bike here in the US. I'm pretty Petite so all bikes seem to be to tall for me. Not Dutch bikes. Try Dutch bike company if your interested in buying one.

  5. these are perfect as i just started my search for a new bike. dreamy!

  6. Anon, you are welcome. Thank YOU for the sweet comment.

    Debbie, what an amazing life changing experience that must've been. You must have so many interesting memories! I'm envious :) Thanks for the tip on getting a 3-speed version.

    Brenda, I hope I do too :) Not getting my hopes up necessarily, but it would be fun if it ended up working out.

    Tiki, I am petite as well so I appreciate the heads up about Dutch Bicycles being a great fit for our build. I love the bikes at Dutch Bicycle Co in Seattle, but they are spendy...I am hoping it's cheaper to bring one over...

    Aran, we are on the same page! I've been looking for a couple of months, mostly at vintage ones. But I can't get over the beauty of European bicycles, particularly the Dutch ones.

  7. I found your blog through a search on bike panniers to show a friend an example of what they are.

    Just wanted to say that it's great that you are wanting to bike! I commute to work on bike everyday for 6 miles on my vintage peugeot mixte that was handed down to me (made of steel and converted to 1 speed) and I love it. :)

  8. Those are such cute bikes! Fenders are a must if your buying a new bike.

  9. Hi Steph, city bikes are lovely! I found one here in the states that looks like the ones you posted (and reasonably priced too!) I added a nice basket and I was good to go.

    Here is the link in case your in-laws cannot bring one n=back for you ;-)


  10. Please wear a helmet! I always see women riding these bikes without helmets! They aren't any safer than a standard bike so don't skimp on your protection!


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