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A Touch of Green

• 03 January 2012

Many years ago my friend Beverly, (who is also a party planning maven) shared with me a tip about placing "a touch of green" inside your living space.  I decided to give it a try and scattered a few plants about my apartment...on the bookcase, on the kitchen counter, etc.  I felt an immediate difference by infusing life into my home with all sorts of green...moss, fern, succulents, hardy kalanchoes, etc.  As an added bonus, the project isn't spendy; most smallish plants cost around $5.

As far as planters go, I love a pretty terrarium...always (sources: 1 / 2 / 3 ).  They are particularly ideal for those of us with little ones running around as the plants remain protected.  If you feel like your thumb is more brown than green, start with a succulent-based terrarium, which requires little maintenance.  Another option would be a closed top terrarium, which requires little to no watering.  If a terrarium just isn't your thing, consider adding your "touch of green" in a different way; these new ceramic wall planters from the Shane Powers for West Elm line are pretty nifty.  Last, I love the Scheurich line of pots and planters found at nicer nurseries.  It's a modern, German line that is reasonably priced and features clean lines.  Here in Seattle you can find many of them out at Molbaks, as well as a more limited selection at Swansons (they go on sale tomorrow - 25% off).

p.s. here is a great tutorial on how to plant a terrarium if you're interested.  

image via West Elm


  1. the next time you are in pdx, lets check this out?

  2. Happy New Year! Coincidence strikes again. I was thinking about the 90s trend of sticking a ficus tree in a corner to give a room some low-maintenance life. That top image does it so much better.

  3. Oops -- signed in on my husband's log-in. This is Starr Turner. :)

  4. Sara, let's definitely check that out. Terrariums are so fun.

    Starr, clothes aren't the only things that are recycled...plants too! I say yes to the ficus! (just get a cute pot...)

  5. Terrariums are such a great idea for January! Everyone's in desperate need for some green!

  6. Have you checked out Urbio? It's only available for presale right now, but it's a wall garden, affordable too!

  7. Katie, you're so right...we are desperate for green! I find myself wanting to put it everywhere.

    Michelle, I haven't seen Urbio...I"ll check it out. Thanks!

  8. I love those glasses where you put the plants on. :) Anyway, a touch of a living thing in green inside our own homes can absolutely provide a relaxing feeling for those who are residing in the home. :)


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