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I've Been Thinking About This All Week

• 27 February 2011

From the fabulous minimalist blog, :mnmlist.


  1. i want to stencil this on our front door, send a note to all i know, and shout it from the mountain tops!

  2. Love. Constantly decluttering mind/stuff in hope of moving toward this. Less is More.

  3. will you promise to keep reminding me of this? it's life-changing, and i'm getting there for sure.

    my dream is that i pack one or two suitcases for our next move. and leave only a few prime pieces in storage. unrealistic, but that's why they're called goals, yes?

    loved this. xoxo

  4. i so needed that ... going to print it out and put it all over the house!

  5. I am printing this out immediately...such a good reminder!

  6. Amen!
    Than you for the reminder.

  7. i've been thinking a lot about being content lately. i think that's the best place to be in life! and i think i usually am, i just don't know it. love this quote! thanks for sharing!

  8. Yep, working on all that myself.

  9. okay so i ADORE this mnmlst blog. this quote. etc.
    thanks for introducing it to me!
    so inspiring!

  10. Thank you for introducing me to this writer.

  11. This post reminds me of the article I saw in Sunset Magazine this last January about the zero waste home. Not only does this family of four produce almost no trash at all, but they have chosen to live with only the bare necessities....and their house is beautiful. The article was so inspirational and thought provoking for me. I highly recommend checking out her blog where she shares tips on how to live with less and produce zero waste (and find the Sunset article if you can). It will blow your mind. Makes me want to donate 2/3 of my stuff right now. Thanks for this post!

  12. I could certainly still use you sometime for my overhaul. enough with my "collections". :) you game?

  13. my new contentment mantra from bill hybels is 'i can admire you without having to acquire you.'

    thanks for the great post!

  14. karey, we did just that during the suitcase per person if you can believe it...and they were CARRY ONS! ha! It was a good feeling most of the time, but wearing that same black dress to church each sunday got old, I admit :)

    The Parkers: I saw that article...interesting premise and definitely makes you think about how we live!

    Jihan: You betcha! I'd love to help. Just say "when" :)

    Lin: What are you trying to say here?

  15. Love this. I'm printing it out and putting it on my whiteboard in our kitchen. Thanks for the daily inspiration!

  16. love this. want to be this. constantly a struggle with the unnecessary in life.
    one day THIS will be me.
    great job on studio 5, btw. :)

  17. can I have this? tq ;))


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