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Conflict Kitchen

• 31 March 2011

After stumbling on this post over at White Canvas Design, I can't stop thinking about this interesting concept--a take-out restaurant in Pittsburgh that only serves cuisine from countries that the US is in conflict with. The restaurant is appropriately deemed Conflict Kitchen. Apparently, the storefront rotates identities every four months, which I find somewhat deflating--I'd prefer a much longer time period between rotations, as it would indicate less world conflict. {sigh} Also augmenting the take-out storefront are events, performances and forums about the country being highlighted--all an effort to educate locals about its cultural and political issues. I'd love to see something like this expand all over America.

Currently being served: cuisine from Afghanistan. Next up: North Korea + Venezuela.

images 1 + 3 - Conflict Kitchen / image 2 - Renee Comet Photography (used with permission)


  1. Well at least Korean food is a win - for both sides!

  2. What an incredible idea. When I first saw the title of the post, I thought Conflict Kitchen was serving foods from countries in conflict with each other, which I think would also be interesting. I love that they do cultural events as well, to help educate people about the country. Very cool.

  3. What a great concept. Thank you for featuring this. I'm visiting for the first time and I really like your site a lot. I'll be back!


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