stephmodo: My Favorite Mushroom in the World: Morels

My Favorite Mushroom in the World: Morels

• 03 May 2011

I recently spotted fresh morel mushrooms at a French grocery store and practically squealed with delight at the discovery (merci Carrefour!). Since I've only spotted these delicious funghi in their non-dried form twice in my whole life, I was freaking out as only a mushroom lover does.

Today over at Zupas I am talking about my favorite morel mushroom recipe, morel mushroom hunting, and where to find these delicious champignons online (both fresh and dried). Morels are such an amazing ingredient--you'll love them!

You can read the post here.

Update: does anyone know of a mushroom tour guide here in the Seattle area?

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  1. But you live in the Pacific Northwest! They're everywhere out here!! Check out your local farmers' market in a few weeks or jump out of your car outside of the city-- they're surely right nearby. They're my absolute favorite as well.

  2. I love Morels. I wish they had them here in Brazil.

  3. Connaissez vous le poulet de Bresse au vin jaune et aux morilles... c'est une pure merveille!

  4. Ana, I wish you had them too. Buy them dried's still an amazing experience and you can hardly tell the difference. should try a bag!

    Moraht: You are correct. I should look into them locally. My local farmer's market doesn't begin until June...I wonder if Pike Place would have them?

  5. Morels are our favorite too! I've never had them fresh, but we bring them back in bulk from Switzerland. We serve them in a cream sauce over pork tenderloin or steaks. YUM!

    I buy them from this guy at the Ballard Farmer's Market when we run out. I bet he could help you with a tour!

  6. I'd have to say that's my favorite mushroom too! Especially since it's my husbands last name =) "Morel". Strangely, the French word (though Morel is French) for the mushrooms is Morilles!

  7. Nikki, thanks for the tip...I'm going to check out his website now.

    Lindsey/Lost N Cheeseland: I noticed that...Morilles...such a pretty word!

  8. A friend I grew up with (in Alpine UT) is the owner of a mushroom farm there. He is a great guy. His farm looks like a lot of fun, too. I plan to visit it next time I am in the NW. His name is Christian Kaelin.

  9. Becky, that's a wonderful tip. I just sent off an inquiry...thank you!!


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