stephmodo: Chance + other Great Stops in SoHo

Chance + other Great Stops in SoHo

• 30 May 2011

On my last day in New York, I had the rare opportunity to lunch with a friend from college who was kind enough to drive onto Manhattan to play tour guide for a couple of hours. We decided to spend our precious time in New York's SoHo neighborhood. Oh how we packed a lot of fun {and food} into just 2 hours. "Old" friends--the kind you've had for 10+ years--are simply priceless, now aren't they?

If you have an afternoon in SoHo and want to know how to use your time wisely, here are a few suggestions to further enhance your New York shopping experience. As a rule of thumb, I steer clear of any boutiques/shops that are also located in my city of residence...even if it's a cool store (i.e. H&M, All Saints, etc.). When I'm lucky enough to have some time by myself, it's all about bang for my buck.

First up...the Chance pop up on Elizabeth Street. It's a well-designed temporary shop full of my favorite wardrobe staple--the striped shirt. Thick stripes, thin stripes, any kind of stripe really. The pieces are thoughtfully-styled, uber soft, and everything you want in a cotton top. I brought back one "souvenir" from my trip and it was from Chance; because 4 striped tops in my closet wasn't enough (to my credit it was at least a different colorway). Clearly an addiction is forming...

After a little jaunt over at Chance, stop to lunch at Balthazar. Order the moules-frites (mussels and fries) and a salad and you'll be energized to hit the pavement in search of that must-have piece.

A couple of years ago I read about Sienna Miller's shopping excursions to easy-on-the-wallet, UK-based Topshop and my curiosity piqued instantly. While I didn't purchase anything, it was fun to finally see the shop in person. Topshop felt a little young for my taste, but I'm sure that more searching would've resulted in a real gem.

When visiting my mother-in-law in April, we talked about how much we both love Comptoir des Cotonniers (also a must-visit in SoHo). She then said, "Have you ever been to Mango? You can find some great things there too". I was a little surprised at this suggestion as I'd always assumed that Mango, with it's bad 80's style logo, was a bit outdated. Well, I stand to be corrected! Apparently it's a stylish, affordable shop with a bad 80's style logo :)

And last, but not least, we cannot forget the two "pearls" of SoHo...Purl and Pearl River Mart. Hit Purl if you're looking for some pretty fabric or yarn...hit Pearl River Mart if you want to bring back a fun souvenir for the kiddos.

Now that you know my picks, care to add your own tips and advice?

images by Stephanie Brubaker for stephmodo


  1. Sounds like a fun visit to Soho. I live in NYC and have been dying to get over to the Chance shop. I have two other favorites on Broadway - Uniqlo (worth braving the crowds for) and Muji. Comptoir des Cotonniers is hands-down my favorite Soho boutique. Good advice about Mango - I'll have to go there...I've never quite known what to make of it!!

  2. One of my best friends owns an incredible children's clothing boutique in SoHo called Bundle. It's on Thompson St and it's just full of adorable clothes. It's well worth a visit!

  3. I wish I was back in Soho today. It was such a perfect day. I have been lucky to have such a great friend for 10 plus years:) Hope baby Gray is feeling better.


  4. Curated by Color...Muji is a must too! Oh my how did I miss it?!! Their pen bar is out-of-this-world! Excellent recommendation. I'll visit Uniqlo next time...

    Jessica, if your friend's store is as cute as its name, Bundle is a good stop too.

    And Lauren, you are a good friend to go to all that trouble just so we could hang out! Thanks so much...let's press "repeat" next year!

  5. that's so funny that you say that about stripes because when i saw that picture of the striped shirts on the rack i thought to myself, one of each please.

  6. What a wonderful post. Thank you for taking us along. Hugs

  7. Love this shop, very clever display ideas and interior designing. I miss NY and all it's awesome boutiques and cache...

  8. Hello from California, just wanted to share a DIY project I finished a driftwood sunburst mirror, check it out here

  9. Great recommendations, Stephanie! I love Chance. And I've bought things from the little Balthazar bakery, but never actually eaten in the restaurant. Next time, I may need to. We ate at Cafe Gitane last time we were in SoHo, and loved it. Their couscous is the best I've ever eaten, and I've had the real deal cooked by a Tunisian family. Also in SoHo - KIOSK is a fun stop.

  10. i love this post. do you have any other posts similar where you talk about shops and restaurants in different sections on nyc?

  11. Anon, I do have this post...a compilation of my readers' favorites:

    Hope that helps!

  12. I think that Soho is one of my favorite parts of NY. I love the Purl/Pearl(s) too. Love. I discovered Uniqlo last time and found some great clothes for great prices. I also love a stop in the Jonathan Adler shop (Greene Street)for the eye candy. I need to hit Muji next time.

    How fun that you got to go! Especially with an old friend. Sounds perfect.


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