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• 04 May 2011

One evening I thumbed through our DVD stash at the cottage and happily stumbled upon Chocolat (love Juliette Binoche!). We like to keep movies stored at La Maisonnette that were filmed in Beynac--it's so fun to watch them when you are actually there! Chocolat's river scenes were all filmed in the area and they even used the gabarres/boats too (think: Johnny Depp and the "river rats"). And that little road you see heading upwards is the road pictured in the opening scene of Juliette and her daughter walking in the snow donning red capes. Anyway, it had been months since I sat down and watched a movie and because I was on vacation, I completely indulged. I mean that literally.

Earlier in the afternoon my husband was heading out on an errand and I asked him to bring me back a box of chocolates from the local patisserie. Because watching Chocolat ALWAYS makes me want to eat chocolate (does it have the same effect on you?). I have to say it was absolutely delightful to munch on little seashell chocolates while swooning over Juliette Binoche's own cacao confections.

Here are my favorite foodie movies--as in movies that make me want to eat a really good meal. What are your favorites?

Babette's Feast (Danish, Swedish, French)

Eat Drink Man Woman (Mandarin)

Mostly Martha (German, Italian)

all images taken in Beynac last month by moi


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