stephmodo: Les Macarons 101: Technique Tips + Recipes

Les Macarons 101: Technique Tips + Recipes

• 17 May 2011

I stumbled upon some almond flour the other day in my pantry--the very almond flour I purchased for the sole purpose of making macarons over a year ago. Oops! Apparently I need to get over my macarons issues--I'm just so darn intimidated by the pretty li'l things! Thankfully I found this highly instructive post written by a home baker just like myself and all of a sudden I feel like I can conquer these special cookies. I think I can, I think I can...

All this macaron goodness can be found over at Zupas today!

image by Stephanie Brubaker for stephmodo


  1. I'm also intimidated by them but want to try them! Please let us know how it went - I may try to make them for my birthday(in 2 weeks)

  2. Those are so delicious :) I already tried them. Thanks for the recipe

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  3. exactly what I need too.. they are scary little things aren't they?!

  4. If you send me some, I will let you know if you could!? ;-)

  5. Macarons can definitely be tricky to make, but once you figure out how to mix the batter properly, whether yours need time to air dry (mine did), and how best to cook them in your oven (every one is different!), then they're as easy as making chocolate chip cookies. And if they don't look exactly right, they're still going to taste 100% delicious!

    I found Bravetart's posts on making macarons really inspiring and helpful. Good luck!

  6. I have been dreaming of making macarons for a long time. I needed this little push. Next on my list, Macarons!

  7. They scare me too, but now I'm inspired to try and make them.

  8. i was pretty intimidated by macaroons the first time i made them because they are so delicate and pretty looking! luckily, they turned out alright - im sure yours will too!

  9. Somehow I doubt my attempt will resemble anything close to how they are supposed to look (or taste for that matter!)...but thank you for posting, this gives me hope!


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