stephmodo: Lemon Curd Shots with Raspberries, Cream + Pistachios

Lemon Curd Shots with Raspberries, Cream + Pistachios

• 08 June 2011

Talking about all sorts of yumminess over at Zupas this week. Lemon curd shots anyone?

p.s. you need these for your next bridal or baby shower :)

image by Stephanie Brubaker for stephmodo


  1. This looks right up my ally! Yummy!

  2. Can I ask where you got the shot glasses? Are the glass or plastic?

  3. Those lemon curd shots were amaaaazing. Cristina brought one to me after she saw you - so good! (The cookies weren't too shabby either!)

  4. That combination of flavors is killer. Anything with pistachio is my friend.

  5. That looks delicious. You are amazing. For real!

  6. all of a sudden, i am very, very thirsty!! :) soooo lovely.

  7. Anon: they are plastic. However, I purchased them in France and haven't seen anything exactly like them here. That being said, I do think a glass shot glass would look as good or even better. And they are more available your local restaurant supply store to see if they carry them.

    Jeff: Glad you liked them! Happy you two are closer :)

    Melanie, pistachios are my friend too. Just ordered a big bag to play with :)

  8. Thank, thank you for sharing and inspiring. This dish is perfectly delectable.

    See my take here:

    It was the star of the night!
    best - d.
    post script: don't forget, shoulders back.


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