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Mighty O's Donuts

• 02 June 2011

When I visit a new place or in this situation, move to a new place, I like to scope out the local food scene fairly quickly. Oddly enough this is how I begin connecting with my new home and start falling in love. Mighty O's Donuts here in Seattle is just one of these early discoveries and has become a fast favorite in just a matter of months.

We love stopping by during donut happy hour (the last hour the bakery is open) as all remaining donuts are 50% off. Right now happy hour runs from 5 until 6 p.m. each day. This isn't advertised very openly so consider yourself "in the know". And because it's Seattle, the donuts are even organic :) Prepare yourself for a yummy donut that isn't overly sweet; but be forewarned that you'll still end up with that yucky feeling in your stomach if you try to pop more than one. Experience has taught us this :)

Keep in mind that not all donuts are created equal, even at Mighty O's. First-timers will want to try the French Toast and Lemon Poppyseed donuts. They are downright, over-the-top delicious! Also, if you try a Mighty O donut, be sure to purchase it at the actual bakery in Wallingford and not at say, Whole Foods. There is nothing like a fresh, warm donut for a reasonable price.

Locals, where are your favorite treat spots? Do you mind sharing?

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  1. If your looking for sweets, consider venturing over to West Seattle to Bakery Nouveau for their amazing twice-baked almond croissants. Be still my heart! Or if you are in the mood for a sumptuous dinner, check out La Spiga on Capitol Hill. Their gnocchi is amazing.

  2. You sealed the son is considering going to college at Seattle Pacific University. I vote yes if I can come visit and get my hands on those donuts.
    xo jana

  3. Honore in Ballard has really lovely pastry, and great coffee to boot!

    As for full-on dessert, I highly recommend Old School in Capitol Hill--such amazing frozen custard.

  4. Funny, Larissa, I was going to mention Bakery Nouveau too even before I saw your comment. Another delicious Frenchie place is Bastille in Ballard. The french fries with truffle oil are mind blowing.

  5. Larissa + Eva: Yes, Bakery Nouveau is a keeper. In fact, I believe it's my favorite in Seattle. We've been fans for a few years now, even before moving here. It feels more like France in there than anywhere else in the US! Great rec!

    Jana, SPU is not far from us and I hear it's a great school.

    Liz, I love Honore too, and it's closer to me than Bakery Nouveau so it's easy to end up there...:) Oh and Old School is also one of our favorites too. I totally need to blog about it. That custard is the best and I'm not really a frozen custard fan!

    Eva, I've heard good things about Bastille and since it's on my favorite street in Seattle, I definitely need to go there! Those fries sound amazing!

  6. oh i LOVE this post! :) great suggestions, can't wait to try the donuts and everything else mentioned here. thanks for the rec!

  7. Oh there are so many great places.

    Coconut cream pie and mini donuts at Dahlia Lounge.

    Donuts from Top Pot.

    Ice Cream at Husky Deli.

    Twiced baked croissant at Bakery Nouveau.

    Any treat from the Chocolate Box near Pike Place Market.

    Frozen yogurt at Menchies.

    Cheesecake at The Confectional.

    Lemon cupcake from Cupcake Royale.

    I could go on and on:

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  9. whoa. i had no idea about Mighty-Os! i'll have to head over...we're starving for treats over here on the eastside!! while I'm over, I'll have to following it with a Parfait ice cream cone...the ice cream is delightful, but to be honest, I go for the butter-cookie-like waffle cones

  10. Cafe Besalu in Ballard is a favorite - oh and if you're in Bellevue my absolutely favorite place is Belle Pastry on Main St. :)

    French pastries

    And when you go to Bastille - the chocolate mousse is unbelievable.

  11. I've been living in Seattle for two years now and I highly recommend Geraldines Counter! Ginger pancakes, maple syrup, best hashbrowns, cooked to perfection and also Pulcinella Pizzeria is by far the best place to eat wood oven pizzas and fresh yummy bread and salads. My sis from Calli comes here to visit me I believe just for that place alone. And you feel amazing after you eat there. you can never get enough!!

  12. PIE in Fremont! Have you been? They serve sweet AND savory pies the size of a huge muffin. To die for :) xo

  13. chocolate croissant at the french bakery in downtown kirkland is pretty amazing! cafe campagne's french toast! classic chocolate cake/cupcake from bella dolce in madison valley.

  14. Simply Desserts in Fremont. The chocolate white chocolate cake is dreamy.

  15. Ooh, so many things to check out! I am a huge fan of Bakery Nouveau and have wanted to try Geraldines too. That Columbia City it's good! La Spiga gnocci? I love gnocchi. I'm sold :)

    Lisette, you've named several of my favorites I totally trust your taste :) We need to go grab a treat...


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