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French Blue Shutters + Sweet Life Magazine

• 02 June 2011

When I peruse the images stored on my computer a reoccurring theme becomes increasingly obvious--french blue shutters. What I love to photograph are all the different shades of blue you see and how fantastic this particular color looks with the stone houses. We painted the front door of La Maisonnette a pretty blue/gray and have plans to paint all of the shutters the same color in the next few years. One project at a time though...

And speaking of the cottage, Simply the Sweet Life magazine featured our story in their most recent edition. We are so grateful they chose to feature our story (about La Maisonnette) in their magazine. It was fun for my husband and I to share our recommendations for the area as well as the story about how it all came to pass. If you're not yet tired of France-related posts here in Blogland, feel free to take a peek :)

p.s. does anyone know why blue is the preferred color of choice in France when it comes to doors, trim and shutters? Yes, it looks amazing from a color perspective, but is there a deeper meaning I wonder?

images 1,2,4, and 5 by Stephanie Brubaker; image 3 via Simply the Sweet Life magazine


  1. We used to live in a beach bungalow and our house was white with blue shutters I loved those so much, it made me feel in Greece even though I was in Brazil.

  2. Love the look and function of shutters...something we need more in the states.

  3. Ana, a beach bungalow couldn't sound more appealing on a gray, rainy morning. Sounds like heaven to me!

    Susan, I agree with you on the shutters--what I wouldn't give to be able to completely darken my child's room during sleeping time with the simple rotation of a shutter. I know we can do it here in the States, but shutters are so expensive here. That's probably the one thing that is actually less expensive there...even with the exchange rate!

  4. I love the look of blue shutters. When it came time to paint the house last summer my husband just couldn't commit to it, and we went with black instead -- oh well.

  5. I would put money that the blue is for the Virgin Mary. When we were in Pezenas (near Montblanc) everyone had these cool hand-shaped knockers on their doors. We were told they were called the "hand of Mary"
    I have no proof that this is the reason behind the blue, but that's my guess.

  6. The pictures are so beautiful. It's nothing to do with France, but I remember being in Santa Fe, NM and reading a Pueblo Indian legend that says blue windows and doors help keep evil spirits out of their home.


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