stephmodo: Japanese Tape Birthday Cake Cards

Japanese Tape Birthday Cake Cards

• 07 July 2011

Looking for another way to use that fabulous Japanese tape you've set aside for special use only? (or am I the only one who hides mine?) Then try your hand at a simple, washi tape birthday card like these ones I came up with during Packaging 101 with Miss Sally. If you have a few supplies and five minutes, then you have time to try your hand at this easy craft. Just think how thrilled you'll be with yourself when you reach for a lovely birthday card and actually find one :)

All you need are: blank cards, washi tape and a couple of toothpicks. Totally uncomplicated--no crafting skills required!

Good sources for Japanese tape include Pretty Tape / Kawaii Goodies / Studio Hijiri


  1. This is such a lovely craft. I love it.

  2. Love this idea. I always make my own cards and this would be so simple to put together.

  3. ummmm I love it...adorable and the kids can do it! My daughter will love this post...she is 11 and an artist of the crazy degree..of course I love it...she wears Tap shoes where ever she goes...

  4. I just did this! For my daughter's second birthday party invitations.

  5. I hide mine too but I don't get to use them. This is a good idea of using them. Quite crafty.

  6. I love the simplicity and style of this idea. They look great!

  7. I love this...but I thought my masking tape was simply bought for me to oogle over? Should I actually be using it for others to enjoy? Darn it ;)


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