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Kate Spade for Adeline Adeline European Bicycles

• 22 July 2011

Yippee...a one-stop shop here in the US for all the most beautiful, most practical European bicycles. Now, instead of cruising around several sites, I can just oooh and aaaahh in one convenient location--Adeline Adeline. I really would love to become the kind of person that bikes everywhere as it's such a healthy form of exercise.

My favorites over at Adeline Adeline are the Kate Spade bike (you can't go wrong with Kelly green) and the Bakfiet cargo bikes. I love these! All the moms in Holland biked around the city with these bicycles (see picture here) and I wondered if they were available somewhere in the US. Well, now I know! They are pricey, but still very cool to swoon over.

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images via Adeline Adeline


  1. a friend from my daughter's pre-school has the cargo one...she hauled two pre-school kids while pregnant and loved it. I'm still toting mine behind in my vintage schwinn but love this option!!


  2. That Kate Spade bikes is fabulous..

  3. I adore this can search my site and see my post on it if you're curious. I want one so badly, and the new Kate Spade collaboration doesn't help. ;)

  4. I'm biking to work everyday this summer and love it!

  5. Hey Steph, they also sell the cargo bike at the Dutch Bike Co in Ballard (in front of the Walrus), or at least that's where a dude told me he got his.

  6. Steph I enjoy reading your blog. Since you are also a seattle-ite, I hope you don't mind me making a plug for my neighbor who is a local distributor of the bakefiet here in seattle -
    They've been around for several years and are great peeps and it looks like they have expanded into other cities too.

  7. Sarah & Moorni, yes the fabulous Dutch Bicycle Co carries them. I saw them on their website after running into them while waiting for a table at the Walrus. I love that store! Thanks for the reminder!


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