How to Read Blogs + Maintain Perspective

• 25 July 2011

This morning I'm having a bit of a late start, but I have a lot on my mind I'd like to pen anyway. I've decided it's high time we revisit Marta's clever and honest post about maintaining a realistic perspective about what we see on blogs. In her classic, witty writing style she shares thoughts on comparison, originality and being supportive, all in a thoughtful and humorous way. The blogosphere is a better place with this eloquent post in its midst. I hope you all read it! Here are a few other thoughts {and tangents quite honestly} that came to my mind after reading Marta's post...

Yes, cute outfits make us feel better when we step out the door; and yes, a well-designed kitchen is probably a dream for many of us (but few of us have our dream kitchen); and yes, we wish all the parties we threw were "blogable" (but alas budget constraints or lack of vision often keep us from having that kind of party), but does it matter? Hanging out socially with friends is really about just being together and connecting. Food and decor is secondary. Yes, it's fun and does make the event feel special; but it's better to get together and not have all the elements perfect than to not get together at all. I have a few friends that understand this mantra well and I admire them for their mature perspective.

So this summer, celebrate being with your family and your friends and remember that all the little details are just added bonuses, but not necessary. If you order pizza or Thai food during a dinner party because the meal you prepared didn't turn out (this happened to me once), then so be it. Guests will simply appreciate being remembered, being invited.

p.s. this is an important topic to me and one I revisit every now and again. In the past I've written a few posts on blogging and comparison--they can be found here and here. As in all archived posts, comments are always open so feel free to share your own thoughts--we will all see them and appreciate them.

image by Stephanie Brubaker - this is what "dusk" looks like in my home...


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