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Comparing Ourselves to Others

• 12 May 2009

For the last couple of weeks I've thought about the subject of comparison and its damaging effects on our individual souls. I wrote a little about the subject a few months ago, but want to bring it up again because I feel it is an important issue to revisit. So, forgive me for recycling, but I think it's a helpful re-read.

A few notes to add...

1. I've learned the "judging others" lesson several times in my life. It seems that God teaches it to me over and over. I think I'm finally getting it...hopefully :) What I've learned is this--the old cliche is true. You can never judge a book by its cover. The most put-together-person has a tragic family life; the seemingly simple person is anything but--in fact he/she is dynamic, talented and doing a lot of amazing things in his/her life. I could go on and on but I hope you catch my drift here.

2. Judging a person by his/her blog is even more inaccurate than judging a person you know personally. Please remember a blog shares edited information. Most often you're not going to read about someone's argument with their spouse, their strained relationship with a sibling, their {truly} most embarrassing moment or the escapade with their kids in the middle of the grocery store (the one where everyone stares and your face is beet red). Most people like to put their best step forward on their blogs, so they can get past the day-to-day stuff that often weighs them down emotionally and sometimes physically.

Oh, and since we've moved on to the subject of "blogging" itself, read this post as well, including all the many comments. I think you'll find yourselves nodding your heads in agreement.

I'm going to sign off now before this becomes any heavier, but on a positive note I am so grateful to be able to share information in this way. Blogs can be blessings too with the right approach. Three cheers for keepin' it real!


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  1. thank you for this post! i had not read your previous posts on the subject, and i really enjoyed reading them + the comments.

    i think it is such a great point. and i think its a good reminder to be POSITIVE. not only with others but with ourselves. there is no need to bring in that kind of negativity into our blogs or lives.

  2. thank you- i often find myself becoming envious of others because of what i see on the surface, or from what i read on their blog.

    i am constantly reminding myself to stay positive, to not compare myself or my talents to others, and that i'm okay, just as i am!

    thanks for this post! it was a breath of fresh air!

  3. Thank you for the pick-me-up. I just began my blog and struggle from time to time with it.

    I hope no one judges a person's life through surfing their blog. If they read mine, they might find me to be shallow.

    Blessings and Hugs to you and yours!

  4. 100 percent agreed! It actually gives me more confidence when I'm happy for others genuniely versus comparing my situation to their's. I know we all blessings in our lives and one cannot be compared to another. Thank you for such a great post!

  5. Absolutely right on! I recently reflected on this a bit myself. It's so important to remind ourselves.

  6. Thanks for this post! I went back and read your post on blogging and found it was really right on the money. As much as I love keeping up my blog I try to tell friends that it is the "glossy" version of our life. I think of it as keeping a daily scrapbook and I generally try to be positive. It sometimes makes me cringe when someone starts talking about how I've done this or that because that might have only been about five minutes of my day and the other 23 hours could have been spent with my being frustrated with my children, husband or the state of my house!!! Thanks for your words.

  7. Great post! It's such a trap, this comparison thing. Hard not to do it at times, but ALWAYS good to be reminded not to. I posted about your post on my blog and linked to you. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Great post and reminder! I need to stop judging myself so harshly! I hope no one is judging me by my blog - otherwise I will be in a straitjacket soon!

  9. Thanks for the post! I was just talking to the hubby about comparing myself to other blog-ers. I really appreciate your thoughts!

  10. Well said. I'm all for keeping it real.

  11. Thank you - point taken! I think we all tend to be overly critical of ourselves, especially when we compare ourselves with others.

  12. "Keeping it real" rules. Always good to be reminded! Thanks, Stephanie. :)

  13. hello there. I absolutely agree! I was taught a lesson by an experience with my daughter a couple years back, and I actually wrote about it here..

  14. excellent, excellent post...thanks for sharing

  15. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I've been wanting to address it in my blog, but I just haven't been able to find the right words. I think you've said it so well. I hope you don't mind me linking to you to share it with my readers. Thank you for your thoughts on this and sharing it with us. You initial article is wonderful too and the links you provided were so good to read. Thanks!



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