Comparing Ourselves to Others

• 12 May 2009

For the last couple of weeks I've thought about the subject of comparison and its damaging effects on our individual souls. I wrote a little about the subject a few months ago, but want to bring it up again because I feel it is an important issue to revisit. So, forgive me for recycling, but I think it's a helpful re-read.

A few notes to add...

1. I've learned the "judging others" lesson several times in my life. It seems that God teaches it to me over and over. I think I'm finally getting it...hopefully :) What I've learned is this--the old cliche is true. You can never judge a book by its cover. The most put-together-person has a tragic family life; the seemingly simple person is anything but--in fact he/she is dynamic, talented and doing a lot of amazing things in his/her life. I could go on and on but I hope you catch my drift here.

2. Judging a person by his/her blog is even more inaccurate than judging a person you know personally. Please remember a blog shares edited information. Most often you're not going to read about someone's argument with their spouse, their strained relationship with a sibling, their {truly} most embarrassing moment or the escapade with their kids in the middle of the grocery store (the one where everyone stares and your face is beet red). Most people like to put their best step forward on their blogs, so they can get past the day-to-day stuff that often weighs them down emotionally and sometimes physically.

Oh, and since we've moved on to the subject of "blogging" itself, read this post as well, including all the many comments. I think you'll find yourselves nodding your heads in agreement.

I'm going to sign off now before this becomes any heavier, but on a positive note I am so grateful to be able to share information in this way. Blogs can be blessings too with the right approach. Three cheers for keepin' it real!


image via the San Diego Historical Society


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