Stripes {+ other Lovelies} on Sale

• 18 July 2011

I looked for something to wear the other day and realized that what I really want to wear everyday are stripes. and more stripes. and maybe this pretty floral blouse on sale, but I'm sure the next day I'd be back to stripes again. Aaahhh! Must.branch.out (do any of you have the same affection towards this classic pattern?). In the meantime though, enjoy some of these fantastic pieces on sale!! Yay for stripes on sale.

Above pieces from the Anthropologie sale going on now (here and here). Also fantastic is this striped hoodie from recently-discovered Vineyard Vines--a boutique over on Martha's Vineyard. Regular prices are definitely out-of-range for me, but right now they are offering an additional 40% off their sale prices making it budget-friendly.

p.s. prepping another "real life home" post to share with you in the next couple of days...stay tuned!


the emily said...

I have that same problem. My husband thinks I wear the same shirt every day but no, I just have about 20 different striped shirts. I love them!

Anonymous said...

not only are we connected by our love of curd, add stripes to the list. I'm forever devoted.If my on-hold anthro shopping cart goes empty, I'm blaming you! :)

{Is it wrong to force this fad on my kids? Mais non! We're a household gone mad for stripes!} :)

best - d.

stephmodo said...

the emily: that is very much my issue as well! I love knowing you do the same thing.

denese: yes, stripes have spread to my kids' closets too. One day someone pointed out that all of us were wearing stripes during an errand. Kind of overkill but oh well!

Anna said...

That floral blouse is darling ... but oh, the penchant for stripes! I'm with you on this one.

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