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Backyard Scrabble

• 10 August 2011

My husband and I are big Scrabble fans; in fact, I'd say it's our favorite game to play together. When we play we are usually within a few points of each other so it makes for an exciting, close game. Woudn't you love to build this backyard version and add it to your collection as well?  If you're feeling ambitious, Sunset offers a great step-by-step guide to this innovative outdoor project.

Scrabble game sources for the less ambitious: You can find great deals and vintage editions on Ebay. If you're missing one or two letters (those darn pieces tend to get lost easily now don't they?), then try Etsy...this source makes custom Scrabble letters for a reasonable price.

via Sunset Magazine


  1. Oh good gravy, this has to happen. We are a Scrabble crazy couple as well so this is a brilliant find. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fantastic! I have to remember this would make a great feature in any backyard!

  3. Love hearing from other Scrabble lovers :)

  4. This is so fun. I am not a big game person but I do LOVE scrabble.


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