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Abbott Kinney

• 09 August 2011

Recently Baby Gray and I split Seattle and chased the sun down to Southern California. Aaah, it was glorious and I remembered why I enjoyed living in California so much (we lived in San Francisco several years ago). When you get past the whole every-home-is-at-least-a-million-dollars-or-more-issue it's really quite lovely :) The produce, the beach, the food, the's all amazing. While at first it catches you off guard, there is something uplifting about the warm, friendly attitudes you find in California--there's no "freeze" goin' on there!

My dear friend Beverly showed me all her favorite places, including a street in Venice called Abbott Kinney. It was amazing and definitely a must-visit if you're anywhere nearby (in SoCal that's 20 minutes right?). I could've explored there for hours, but we had limited time so we hit some favorites and split. It was a bit of a teaser you could say. I bought a little painting of the California coastline at Tumbleweed & Dandelion (nothing beats the PCH down by Big Sur!), swooned over linens and vases at Colcha, experienced major cake plate envy at Bountiful and bought a little something for my kids at Kid Firefly. And I cannot wait to go back!

If you've been, what have been your favorites?


  1. I used to live near Abbot Kinney and it is very fun for shopping. My favs were tortoise general store and A+D. Also love all the food, intelligentsia and Gjelina to name a few!

  2. You should come to live in Denver. The weather is incredible here. I rarely wear a coat. Far more sun than California.....over 300 days per year and the people are wonderful.

  3. Lemonade is yum, and Surfing Cowboy is rad.

  4. Just moved from that area last month! We used to live a few miles away....just down Venice Blvd! Miss it there. I think you listed all my favorites! Stronghold is another fun store to browse in and I second Lemonade.

    Just wondering....does your friend Beverly live in Pacific Palisades? How crazy if we both knew her :-)

    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!

  5. SO glad you got away!
    the seattle freeze! i love it.
    i SOOOOOOOOOO get that, steph!!
    it's like now it's being confirmed what i've thought about seattle this whole time! well, at least NO body is doing anything alongside myself!
    hope you're well!

  6. Ooh, now I have more suggestions for next time I visit. Thank you Melanie, Andrea and "The Parkers" (yes, that's Bev in PP!).

    Denise, your area sounds lovely. We love Seattle too...I just wish I felt more sense of community. But it's a lovely place to live we've found.

  7. I knew it! I figured there couldn't be that many LDS Beverly's in the area :-) And besides, you both have such incredible taste and are so stylish that I am not surprised at all that you two are friends. What a small world. (We use to be in their ward). Hope you make it back to So Cal soon for some more great shopping!


  8. abbot kinney is so much fun! we live very close and enjoy saturday date strolls - shopping, eating, being.

  9. I love Abbot Kinney too! So many great shops and one of my favorite all time restaurants: Gjelina. :)

  10. My sister took me to that street when we were there in July - loved it! I was dying over the store with all the cake pedestals stacked in the front window - and praying my 6 & 8 year old daughters (or myself) didn't knock anything over!


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