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Must-Eats in Montreal

• 25 August 2011

Sugar City Lynne recently vacationed in Montreal with her sisters and upon discovering this I started thinking about how much I love that town.  Ever been to Montreal? If not, you should add it to your travel wish list.  It's a small taste of Europe right here in North America and a city our family loved to visit when we lived in Boston (and had family living in Montreal too).  Cobblestone streets, patisseries, markets, history and lots of culture--it's wonderful!  My favorite past-time on vacation is eating and Montreal is no exception.  A couple of favorites stand out: 

1. Bilboquet - named after the old-fashioned French cup and ball game, there is not a more clever name for an ice cream shop and long lines prove it's more than just a name.  I think their fancy schmancy sorbet sundaes are the best and are ideal to share.  The original Outremont location is where you'll want to go!

2. L'Express Bistro - if you're in a French-speaking city it's très à apropos to dine at a French bistro complete with an authentic zinc bar.  The only time I've truly enjoyed lamb was at this restaurant, but really everything is good.  The Latin Quarter location and late hours are also appealing.

There is so much to eat in Montreal and you can easily fill in the blanks by perusing these Montreal foodie blogs.  I sadly discovered them after our time in Montreal, but hope to put them to use someday again!

Endless Banquet (love the "best of part 1" and "best of part 2" food guides--priceless!)

Les Gourmandes de Montreal (where I learned about a new patisserie called Rhubarbe--dying to go there just to have a chance at that pretty li'l tarte citron!

Also, if you head up to Quebec City I recommend staying at the Hotel Dominion 1912, lunching at the Musée National des Beaux-Arts after perusing its lovely galleries and finally, eating at Toast for dinner.  You won't be disappointed!

image via Les Gourmandes de Montreal


  1. My new favorite post! It made me homesick for Montreal and You!!

  2. I've never been to Montreal, but I imagine I would love it.

  3. I heart Montreal. It's small enough to take the city in and still large enough to discover new things. xoxo

  4. we traded in vancouver and have been living just outside montreal (25 mins out)in our own little french countryside for just over a year now and we were going to head into town for our anniversary last week and were completely stumped!!! sad i know - just goes to show you how small kids govern your life and your free time!!! wish i had caught up here earlier! great tips! if you are ever in the north shore area i could give you tips for great things to do with kids! one piece of advice if you are a foodie...steer clear of the sugar shacks!! yuck! haha.

  5. I have a post about Montreal Eats too! Check it out here,


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