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• 26 August 2011

This week I had the pleasure of running into a couple of contributors to newly-created Kinfolk Magazine--a lovely publication about the art of small gatherings and the like.  You'll find beautiful photography, artful layouts, thoughtful articles--all fairly short--and tips on entertaining well.  The folks over at Kinfolk sold out of their first run of print magazines (yay for the birth of another fabulous print mag!), but it is available for your online viewing pleasure here.

I enjoyed the ditty about entertaining at home and how often we don't invite people over because we have insecurities about sharing our lives up close and personal...isn't that so true?  I also loved the blogger meet up report (I have very mixed feelings about these) and the seemingly-delicious brunch menu created by Nikole and Tara.  That creme fraiche vinaigrette is now at the top of my to-make list! 

image 1 - Lily Stockman / image 2 - Michael Severloh  / image 3 - Jen Causey


  1. It feels good to see a first run of print selling out and human beings still meeting in person. Sometimes it seems we are on the road to both ceasing to exist.

  2. What are your mixed feelings on blogger meet ups?

  3. Vanessa...well, sometimes I think people forget that bloggers are just normal people like themselves. Blogs are tricky because it's easy to build up a person in our minds and if those expectations aren't met, then it can be disappointing. Yet on the other hand it can be such a great experience finally connecting with someone in person who you admire {online}. It's a mixed bag in my book. Anyway, there ya have it!

    Have a great Sunday tomorrow...

  4. I've been meaning to check out Kinfolk. Glad to have a recommendation.

  5. I feel the same about meeting people IRL. I've met a couple of people through blogging and one has actually become a very dear friend. It's definitely a mixed bag as you put it. Lots of awkward potential, but also great friendship potential.

  6. STEPH! Sorry for such a delayed comment but a) thanks for your kind comment on bigBANG; b) the motorcycle trip ended in a compromise of half camping and half b&b'ing (if that ain't marriage for you I don't know what is!); c) so delighted you enjoyed Kinfolk. The winter issue is going to be off the HOOK, if I know Nathan and those guys!

    Delighted to have found your marvelous blog. Cheers! xo. lily


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