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This Week's "Links to Love"

• 31 August 2011

On the docket this week is a little business and pleasure in Salt Lake City.  We've only been here one day but already enjoying the close proximity of the mountains, the dry heat, the beautiful skies and meeting our new niece, Claire.  Holding a newborn makes me feel like Baby Gray is so big...and I guess he is in a way as he turns one this week (!!).

In the meantime, here are a few thoughts and links I thought I'd pass your way:

You must know I'm having so much fun preparing images for this week's Real Life Home...or shall I say "Real Life Tower".  Yup, this family of 4 lives in a Rapunzel as my kids say. 

Did you see the gorgeous images from Kate Moss' English countryside wedding?  What a refreshing change from the typical over-the-top celebrity wedding.  The details were simple but stunning.  You can read more about it and see more images in Vogue

This recipe makes me want to attempt a galette.  Two words: "rhubarb" and "creme fraiche" and that's really all I need to know. 

We recently became hooked on "green drinks" in the morning...even my kids love them, which I admit I didn't expect.  I've got these drink recipes, as well as a few others from Twitter friends, at the top of my list.  What's your favorite?

Do you ever peek at the Design Public Outlet?  There are amazing deals to be had on modern furnishings and linens and it's quite full at the moment. 

I know it feels like Summer is ending for many for you, but in Seattle it feels like it's only the beginning!  We are banking on an Indian Summer so I still have sandals on my brain.  I spotted a lovely woman wearing yellow Saltwater sandals recently and she looked fabulous.  I realized these are not only for the little ones ladies!  I found the best price online here.

This watermelon salad/pizza thing on new-to-me food blog Lottie + Doof is so pretty...would you eat it?  I think it would look lovely on a buffet and would certainly be a topic of conversation.  

image by Mario Testino


  1. Just returned from a creative/relaxing Seattle trip thanks to all your fine suggestions. I read your blog each morn' with my coffee here in NY. Heartfelt gratitude for touching a life. Enjoy the day, F

  2. so funny - i just posted this...i am rocking them today!

  3. The Kate Moss wedding is so stunning! Enjoy your trip ;)

  4. I was wearing yellow saltwater sandals in Seattle this summer! I'm SURE I'm not the "lovely woman" you were referring to but I'm glad to know I didn't look like a kid wearing them. :) (because really, I'm kinda in love with em!)

  5. I would try the watermelon salad, but I'm sure my kids would be sad to see it in a buffet! They love watermelon...but I don't think they go for it in this form. :)

  6. Anon, I appreciate you letting me know...these types of tidbits keep me motivated to blog. I'm glad you had fun!

    Sara, I love that you have yellow saltwaters...I bet you look adorable. I need some :)

    Susan, thank you for the well wishes!

    Molly, I may be joining you...that'll be 3 of us in Seattle wearing yellow Saltwaters!

    Meg, I'm jealous your kids love watermelon...not all of mine do and I think they're crazy...hopefully they'll grow into it. I'm fascinated by the mix of sweet and savory. So interesting.

  7. I too have yellow Saltwaters, and I love them! They are cheery, aren't they?

  8. Stephanie, TRY that galette. Honestly, once you make it and see how simple and rewarding and forgiving it is you'll make it every time you have company over. I've made it with just about every fruit imaginable, plus a version with tomatoes. See the wild blackberry tart with the white wine and marmelade glaze recipe if you like the idea of galettes...that's to. die. for.


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