stephmodo: Sandhill on Nantucket: Inside and Out

Sandhill on Nantucket: Inside and Out

• 19 August 2011

If I could build and decorate my dream home, this beach house on Nantucket would be at the top of the list.  And might I add it proves that not all beach houses have to be "beachy"!  Anyway, it's gorgeous on the inside and out and I love how soothing the space feels.  It's clean, but not spare.  Neutral, but not boring.  The rooms are very textural too, which is essential when decorating in neutral tones.  Notice the touch of green in every room...(note to self: head to local nursery pronto!).

Love the pops of yellow and green everywhere...isn't it interesting how a cheerful, bright bowl can bring a room alive?  Never underestimate the power of an accessory!  Again, revisiting open shelving.  Still on the fence 

Seeing the pretty, white walls makes me so happy we painted the inside of La Maisonnette white.  It feels so restful to me when I'm there and this home emanates soothing tones as well. What's your favorite "white"?  When it comes to a creamy white, we love the Restoration Hardware "Mediterranean White".  It's a nice balance between true white and ivory and has a warm undertone.  Isn't it crazy how many different whites there are out there?  Who knew. 

And this bathtub.  Be still my heart.  I do believe I might convert from being a gal who prefers showers over baths if this lovely piece of art rested in my salle de bain.  Gorgeous!  You can read the full story about Sandhill here.  I can't believe the timing and how it all worked out (it was years in the making!). It just goes to show that the best things in life require patience!

p.s. I love it when homes have names.  I really do.

images scanned from Elle Decor no. 177


  1. we have a section of open shelving in our kitchen and love it! we only keep the dishes that we use every day on them and the heavy rotation seems to keep them clean and free of dust without much effort (which was my main concern with open shelving before we took the plunge). also, all of the dishes on our open shelves are either white or clear glass, so it looks very streamlined and not cluttered at all. this beach house is so beautiful! i particularly love the white wood paneling on all the walls. have a great weekend!

  2. "Dove White" by Benjamin Moore is what we just painted our new home's interior. I am so happy with it. We had the trim painted with a 50/50 mix of Dove White and Super White. I think it turned out perfectly.

  3. Swooning over the bedroom, it is perfect.

  4. Completely delicious, in the words of decorator Martyn Lawrence Bullard!!

  5. This home is beautiful. Neutral and interesting, too. Too much going on bothers me. I put open shelves in my laundry room and I love them. However, they do get dusty. I would not put them anywhere near a stove in a kitchen. I love it when homes have names, too. I would like to have a house with a name sometime.

  6. thank you for this post! i love everything about it. i love my open shelving in my kitchen. it's so cool looking and helps me express my style. i've been working on adding plants too. finding unique containers that don't cost a fortune is my challenge.

  7. Gorgeous.

    I love the way open shelving looks but I can't imagine how you keep everything clean and dust/grease-free. I'll stick with cabinets.

  8. I may need to try the open shelving gig. Great insight y'all!

    Teresa, I hear you on the plant container issue. I've had that same issue. Have you tried creating a terrarium?

  9. I'm with ya! That home is spectacular! And I'm a sucker for a good path to the beach. It just reminds me of happiness!

  10. that is incredibly beautiful,
    thanks for sharing

  11. Wow - beautiful romms, and loving the shades of white. The terracotta in the bedroom really warms it up.

  12. I love the black and white living room. CLASSIC!


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