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Viewmaster Wedding Invitations

• 03 August 2011

Do you ever wish you could get married all over again just so you could plan another wedding? I do {to the same person :)}...especially when I see clever invitations like these from Etsy shop Melangerie NYC. Viewmaster wedding invitations are about as hip and happenin' as it gets in my book! In fact, this would be a great type of invitation for any special celebration...a 40th birthday, 50th wedding anniversary, or baby's 1st birthday even. Now this is an idea you could really have fun with, no?

You can also view one couple's version of a Viewmaster wedding invitation over at Offbeat Bride. They share step-by-step instructions, which would be super helpful if you're thinking of taking on this ambitious project yourself. I love them both!

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via The Daily What / images via Melangerie NYC


  1. My best friend and I just had that exact conversation tonight--about wishing we could plan our weddings all over again. Maybe a 25th anniversary party instead?

  2. Such a fun idea Emily...I was thinking recently of throwing an anniversary party too. I'd better start saving though...:)

  3. Pinning...brilliant idea.
    xo jana

  4. Oh my gosh, this is wonderful... And would be so cute for a kids party/other events as well! Uh-dorable :)


  5. Oh my! Must...share...with! (and win lottery)

  6. This is cute. I really would LOVE it for a kids party too like you said. Side note: I so know that couple in the invite but was so confused cause they've been married a while...not to mention different names, lol. They make a good model couple.

  7. YES! I do wish I could get married again for just that reason! Although I would need to go on a strict diet but i should do that anyway :)

    cute idea!!!

  8. It's ideas like this that totally make me want to do it all over again! Such a fun idea!

  9. WOW!!The invitation is really unique....I do wish to get married again with my partner right now.


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