Missoni for Target: a Report on Yesterday's Mayhem

• 14 September 2011

Did you catch wind of all the hullabaloo surrounding the much-anticipated Missoni for Target line?  No?  Well, let me share a brief update, which could basically be summed up in one word: "mayhem".  Friends who braved the crowds in store reported that women were grabbing anything and everything with "Missoni for Target" stamped on it in a hasty attempt to secure all their hopes and dreams in one shopping cart...all at the crack of dawn. Similar stories streamed through Twitter and at one point some wondered if humanity truly still existed.  That bad :)  A friend of mine who lives a few hours outside Seattle called her local store for me (I hoped that perhaps out in the country the collection was less coveted and therefore more available?) only to find they were completely wiped out as well.  Apparently Seattleites were driving out from the city (a 3 hour drive mind you), just to shop the collection in peace.  I hereby nominate those folks as chair people of the Missoni for Target Fan Club.  That is seriously impressive dedication! 

I can't say I approached the day with as much vigor (although perhaps I missed out on the fun?).  Once I finally remembered the line debuted yesterday--the 2 alarms on my phone proved ineffective--, I jumped online to see if anything was still available only to find that Target's site was completely shut down!  After two hours I was finally able to view the collection, but saw little left on the main pages.  It seemed every product was labeled "out of stock"...disappointing but not shocking.  Then I spotted the "online exclusives" section and there found many great pieces in stock...pfew!  I have to admit I was most impressed with the bedding...for some reason I never saw twin or crib bedding included in the many look books circulating the web during the past couple of months.  Boy, if I hadn't already designed Baby Gray's nursery, I'd be awfully tempted to pick up some of that gorgeous crib bedding...it would be so lovely in moderation (like all Missoni in my opinion--it's beautiful, but busy!).  

If you missed out, don't fret...reports of additional shipments arriving today as well as later on in the week are surfacing.  If you find yourself hanging out under the shadow of the bulls eye all week, we won't judge :)

Have any great Missoni for Target stories to tell yourself?


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