Repurposing Savon de Marseille

• 08 September 2011

I feel like I'm finally at the stage in life where I prefer to have fewer, but nicer things (boy, that took awhile!).  No longer do $9.99 price tags tempt me (unless of course I would've paid full-price for them as I loved them that much) and as a result, I spend less and enjoy life more.  I also feel an increased appreciation for what I do have--a good feeling indeed!

One of the small niceties I like to treat myself to every once in awhile are these pretty Savon de Marseille liquid soaps from France.  When overseas I like to purchase a few bottles for La Maisonnette, but thankfully you can find them just as easily here in the States (my source is Modern Palm).  These well-designed French soap bottles are beautiful, sturdy, and full of some of the best soap in the world.  They certainly brighten my entire day...all I am constantly washing my hands (4 kids will do that to ya!).  If you consider cost per use, we're down in the pennies and I'd say that's a pretty darn good deal.

When you're finally out of soap (and thankfully it takes awhile as a little goes a long way), run your bottle and pump through the dishwasher and repurpose it as a vase!  It's an excellent vessel for a few small stems or one thick stem (i.e. a sunflower).  When you're in the mood to change things up again, but want to keep things budget-friendly, try filling the Savon bottle with whatever liquid hand or dish soap you have on hand.  And then start the cycle all over again :)

p.s. I like to keep a few extra bottles-turned-vases on hand for gifts too.  They make the perfect little pick-me-up!

images by Stephanie Brubaker for stephmodo


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