stephmodo: Repurposing Savon de Marseille

Repurposing Savon de Marseille

• 08 September 2011

I feel like I'm finally at the stage in life where I prefer to have fewer, but nicer things (boy, that took awhile!).  No longer do $9.99 price tags tempt me (unless of course I would've paid full-price for them as I loved them that much) and as a result, I spend less and enjoy life more.  I also feel an increased appreciation for what I do have--a good feeling indeed!

One of the small niceties I like to treat myself to every once in awhile are these pretty Savon de Marseille liquid soaps from France.  When overseas I like to purchase a few bottles for La Maisonnette, but thankfully you can find them just as easily here in the States (my source is Modern Palm).  These well-designed French soap bottles are beautiful, sturdy, and full of some of the best soap in the world.  They certainly brighten my entire day...all I am constantly washing my hands (4 kids will do that to ya!).  If you consider cost per use, we're down in the pennies and I'd say that's a pretty darn good deal.

When you're finally out of soap (and thankfully it takes awhile as a little goes a long way), run your bottle and pump through the dishwasher and repurpose it as a vase!  It's an excellent vessel for a few small stems or one thick stem (i.e. a sunflower).  When you're in the mood to change things up again, but want to keep things budget-friendly, try filling the Savon bottle with whatever liquid hand or dish soap you have on hand.  And then start the cycle all over again :)

p.s. I like to keep a few extra bottles-turned-vases on hand for gifts too.  They make the perfect little pick-me-up!

images by Stephanie Brubaker for stephmodo


  1. What pretty packaging...can't wait to order some!

  2. I'm glad you think these bottles are pretty's the little things, right?

  3. totally the little things.. i love to use perrier bottles in the same way... soak off the labels and enjoy the pure green. Look great on a window sill...

  4. Amen. To quote Mary Poppins, "Enough is as good as a feast." And enough of high quality is better than a feast at Target. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That's so pretty! I like the idea of keeping a few on hand to give to friends as a pick me up...just may have to start doing that!

  6. Have you seen the limited edition bottles?

  7. Curly Girl, I have not seen those until you mentioned them...thanks for the link! I wonder if they're only available en France...

    Lisa PG-13, love that quote (and your interpretation there of :)). Thanks!

    Carla, great idea with the Perrier bottles...I think the Aqua Panna bottles are lovely too--those labels are stunning! I like your idea of repurposing them too.

  8. The limited edition ones are here in Australia so surely the US has them?

  9. Thanks Steph! Love your idea of repurposing! Beautiful photos!
    This soap + lotion is amazing in both packaging & scent, and that is why I carry it in Modern Palm. FYI I have a new scent called Mediterranean.
    It has blue graphics... I just need to get it up on my site (I'll try to do it in the next day or two), but if your interested in that scent, you can email me at:


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