stephmodo: Day 2: Autumnal Picnic Shoot

Day 2: Autumnal Picnic Shoot

• 05 October 2011

Yesterday we took a "field trip" to a fairly isolated walnut tree grove for our autumnal picnic shoot.  I enjoyed snapping pictures of our guests snapping pictures (pretty much this is the scenario wherever we go...we are quite the sight around this little valley!).  The breeze set in every few minutes, sprinkling a few leaves here and there, all whilst the sun shone.  If I could pick my perfect weather scenario, this would've been it.  I feel so much gratitude inside for how nicely all the details are playing out.

Here, in this post, are some images I snapped during downtime; but I'd love to share with you some images that a few of our guests posted this week on their own blogs during the wee hours of the night (we are all staying up too late, but can't bring ourselves to put an end to the fun!).  They are learning so much from Aran and it's truly inspiring:

Kimberly Taylor / Sanda Pagaimo / Lorna Palmer


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I'm trying really hard not to be jealous of the fabulous time you guys are having.

  2. I think it is amazing that you get to spend time in such a beautiful place. I really hope that one day my husband and I will be able to spend some time at La Maisonnette.

  3. What beautiful photos! So glad the weather is wonderful and hope you have such a great time.

  4. love your blog...the photos, everything! small do you get the lemon slices out of the bottle after?

  5. I had great 3 days Stephanie,you did a great job and took great care of all of us.Thanks a lot for everything!!!

  6. lovely photos my friend - but when did you find time to post while playing uber-hostess??? thank you for an incredible four days - I miss you already and can't wait to see you when we get home. safe travels tomorrow mon amie~

  7. Room to think: You know, that's a good question. I was actually tending to other details when that was taking place...maybe a wooden skewer or even a metal one perhaps? The bottles were supermarket finds (we took off the labels), but similar ones can be found at IKEA. They're awesome and cheap.

    Also, thank you for the good wishes and "hello" to the new followers! It's great to have you.

  8. and a fantastic time was had by all ;-)

  9. looks like ya'll had a lovely time! I enjoyed all of the photos from the trip.


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