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Lands End Overstock

• 10 October 2011

Ever peeked at the Lands End overstocks for kids?  I recently took a first look and found all sorts of great deals on clothing and accessories for my kiddos.  Since a lot of it was summer-related items, I bought ahead for next year.  Yellow gladiator sandals for my girlies?  Yes please. 

Oh and if you ever need a dress shirt for your little man, the wrinkle-free button-downs are fabulous.  Ironing is at the top of my tasks-I-like-to-avoid-doing-ever list, so the investment was well worth it.  Wait until they have a special like 20% or 30% off one item and snag one then. 

Find Lands End overstocks for girls here and boys here.


  1. we ordered that adorable blue and white striped dress a couple weeks ago and my daughter wore it to church for the first time yesterday. it looked so cute and she couldn't stop spinning! can't beat the price and it's so MODEST! it's also long enough that it should last her quite a while.

  2. The wrinkle-free button downs you mentioned? Is that the school uniform oxford shirt? Nothing was labeled wrinkle-free or no-iron, but that shirt was my best guess. I would dearly love a boys shirt that doesn't need ironing...

  3. That belt must be gone now? I can't find it.

    Also, upon reading the comments it seems the shirts have gone down in fabric quality. Have you bought one recently?

  4. Merathon, you're lucky you snagged that dress!

    Tiff, I bought my son this shirt during a 30% off one item promo:

    It's awesome. I would definitely buy another.

    Anon, bummer about the's darling, no? As far as shirt quality is concerned, I haven't had issues. However, my son isn't wearing one of these no iron shirts every day, just once a week for a few hours. So I'm more likely to have less issues as he's wearing it less than maybe a child wearing it for a school uniform. I am planning on purchasing another one for my son...I'm really enjoying this no-ironing gig :)

  5. Thanks for answering Stephanie. My boys would be wearing the shirts for the same few hrs once a week. I have 3 boys, one husband and no ironig board (yikes!)

    Loved the belt.


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