Gratitude: 10 Things

• 11 October 2011

At the end of summer vacation, we rewarded our kids with a trip to Salt Lake City (they tried so hard to be good this summer so we would have "energy" to take them on a road trip) .  It's a loooong drive (13 hours, no stops) and since Ben and I can only handle Dan Zane for so long, we gave several Ted talks some serious airtime.  

One particular talk stood out during that road trip--a talk by Neil Pasricha about looking for and documenting the "awesome things" in life.  Examples included snow days, finding money in a pocket and underwear right out of the dryer.   Neil's blog, which he started during a painful divorce, isn't necessarily design-savvy, but it's compelling in that it conjures up thoughts you might not entertain otherwise.  While listening to him, I felt immediately inspired to try and take up journal writing again.  Now this is something I've never been good at doing, but I do have strong feelings about the importance of writing down thoughts and feelings that be a positive influence later on--either for ourselves or others who might read our journals at some point.  

So I picked up an inexpensive Japanese notebook and started writing 10 things that I am grateful for each a great parking spot downtown, or a note from my son on my nightstand, or a poignant email, or even a short burst of sunshine.  Some of the points were lengthy, and some were short and sweet...the great thing is that it doesn't really matter!  After just a few days I started to notice my outlook steering in a lighter direction and it felt wonderful. I'm really in love with the idea as it's a guilt-free method of documenting the simple, everyday moments in life.  

Today, the 10 things I am grateful for are...

1. the chance I had to get away, work hard, and to meet genuine and lovely people
2. a warm bed at night.
3. having a dishwasher and the time it frees up to do other things.
4. that I only had one casualty in my suitcase (I brought home a lot of yogurt pots and jars!)
5. that my children actually missed me
6. that someone rearended our van--as now our insurance co. will pay for new carseats (no one was remotely injured thank goodness)
7. a friend unexpectedly coming into town
8. climbing an apple tree last week and feeling like a kid again
9. that 2 of my 3 older kids ate squash soup last night
10. the chance to celebrate 12 years of marriage today :)

What are 10 things you are grateful for today?  I'd love to read your list too; in fact I'd bet we'd all be inspired by each other's "10 things", so if you feel so inclined, please share!

images 1, 2, and 4 by moi / image 3 - Aran Goyoaga


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