stephmodo: Prepping for Workshop with Aran in France

Prepping for Workshop with Aran in France

• 03 October 2011

I've been preparing for and thinking about this workshop with Aran of Cannelle et Vanille for so long that I cannot believe it is actually here!  I wish I could express how fully grateful I am for this's been outstanding on so many levels.  As an added bonus, I get to be "home" here in Beynac and share my beloved maisonnette with Aran and Nadia.  I feel like a part of me is within these walls and having the chance to share this little treasure with new friends makes me thoroughly happy.  To me, every wall, every beam and every antique have a story to tell; and I listen to them every time I'm here. 

Yesterday we spent the day prepping for the food styling and photography workshop, which of course included a trip to the market, getting lost amongst groves of walnut trees (see harvested walnuts in top image), climbing trees to pick apples, and finally dinner at La Borderie with Daniele Mazet-Delpeuch.  It was truly the perfect day.  I could not ask for better weather and I'm now a big fan of visiting the Dordogne in early October.  Who knew it was so heavenly?  The tourists are gone, the weather is amazing, and the foliage is just starting to turn.  Bliss.

I have more pictures to report from today--the first official day of the workshop--but those will have to wait until tomorrow...until then, enjoy these small glimpses.  I hope you too have a wonderful week!

One of my favorite things about small, French villages are the streamers that hang from building to building.  They make any town feel festive, even if it isn't a holiday!

You'll never believe this, but that entire vase of beautiful cosmos only cost 5 could you not smile?!

My favorite Dordogne treat...the coveted and insanely sweet mara des bois.  These wild strawberries are the most delicious little things you'll ever pop into your mouth.  In Paris, the famous Berthillon even makes ice cream from them (which is absolutely delicious by the way.!) 

If you followed my blog during the renovation of our Medieval cottage a few years ago, you know I have a thing for a pretty grove of linear trees.  This grouping was a new find this trip...we took a country road in search for wild fruit and found this instead.  A nice consolation prize indeed.
Ah-ha! Fruit is found off the side of a different road.  I climbed the tree to pick the best apples (at the tippity top bien sur) while Aran photographed our find.

I know many of you enjoy Aran's blog as much as I do and to satiate your curiosity I must tell you that she is an absolute delight and as down-to-earth and real as you'd expect her to be.  If you are thinking of attending any of her upcoming workshops, you should seriously consider taking the steps to be there. Time spent with her means time well spent.  I'm so inspired!

And last, but certainly not least, we drove an hour away to my friend Daniele's home deep in the countryside.  Driving down this lane is always a welcomed sight and dining with her is always an experience I'll never forget.  And to think the friendship began with a simple cooking class...

I'll be back tomorrow with more images from our first day of "class".  A demain!


  1. Oh, yes, please do share every tidbit with us. This is a lovely online respite from hectic day to day duties like mopping the floor. Clap, clap, clap.

  2. If you make to the PACA region please drop a line.
    Have a wonderful time!

  3. I was so sad to miss out on trying to go on this trip. It is so fun, though, to see all of the photos. Thank you for posting them during a fun but probably very busy trip!

  4. Oh, so beautiful! I hope I can attend the next workshop! ( I am hoping there will be a next one!)

  5. Thank you for all the good wishes!


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