• 30 September 2011

One boutique in Paris I find intriguing is Repetto, the famous maker of ballerina flats and pointe shoes.  I've yet to walk inside, but I've passed one after hours and it looks like a tiny piece of heaven all lit up in satin, ribbon and bows.  Their storefronts are so intoxicating that you're that much more likely to purchase a pair of shoes because of them (that is, if you make it there during business hours!). If you've ever donned a pair of Repettos yourself, would you say they are as amazing as they're famed to be? Inquiring minds want to know...

More pretty Repetto photos after the jump...consider these your "shot o' pretty" for the weekend.  Just click on "read more" to see more storefronts and pretty shoes.   

images 1- unknown / image 4 - via Ana Paula Montans of Soma in Kinderland / images 3-4 via Repetto / image 5 - unknown


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