stephmodo: An Autumn Day in Paris

An Autumn Day in Paris

• 01 November 2011

I learned something new last month, Paris in October is magnificent.  Honestly though, I'm sure every month in Paris is wonderful, how could it not be?  It is truly my happy place and I can't ever imagine tiring of it--there is simply too much to explore and vast amounts of beauty almost everywhere.

When prepping this post and trying to gather the images, I was surprised at how little I shot in Paris.  I couldn't believe I only had a handful of pictures to share!  Part of the issue related to just wanting to savor and enjoy in a more sensory way, and part because I was in the driver's seat trying to make sure we hit everything at the top of our list that day {mostly in my Paris Guide}; and well, driving in Paris can be hectic to say the least, but well worth it! 

{above is a street display on Rue Cherche-Midi in the 6th arr.}

Mamie Gateaux - My heart skipped a beat when I saw the "ouvert" sign in the door window.  One never knows if one is actually going to find the shop open and thankfully it was!  I was excited to share it with Aran and Nadia as I knew they would appreciate the owner's aesthetic.  At Mamie Gateaux you'll want to pick up a tote, an apron or a yummy jar of homemade confiture.

Be sure to stop by the cafe for a piece of gateau and a cup of tea.  Also, peruse the brocante next door as well, lots of fun eye candy in there.  If you find the brocante locked up, simply ask the folks at the cafe or boutique to open it for you. 

A stunning blue door in St. Germain (I have a real thing for blue doors in Paris) and beautiful linens in Merci--my favorite store in Paris.  Always has been and most likely always will be.  In fact, you can peek at more images here, here and here if you're curious--they change out their displays quarterly and they are always superb. 

Below, more images of the home department in the basement in Merci, my favorite floor and usually where I bolt first.  Gorgeous, gorgeous and more gorgeous.  If you're on a budget, you can always find affordable things in the basement and also on the 2nd floor--an aspect of Merci I really appreciate.  Prices at Merci are quite reasonable as the large boutique is essentially a non-profit--all profits go to a children's cause in Madagascar.  How's that for philanthropy?

images by Stephanie Brubaker for stephmodo


  1. Beautiful photos, Stephanie! I fell hard for that tote/shopping bag with the red stripes - as it seems so many things are in France - it's so simple yet so chic.

  2. Oh it's so pretty! I was there in April with my brother and sisters--he had a business trip so we tagged along. He went back two weeks ago (on a private jet, no less) and kept putting pictures on Facebook and I thought, "Gosh, now I have to go BACK in the fall." As if getting there the first time wasn't hard enough. It's just such an amazing place. I literally dream of going back in the fall now.

  3. stephanie i love this post and the images are wonderful. a real paris feel!

  4. kalanicut - you and me both...I'll pick one up for you next time :)

    the emily - you are one lucky girl and that brother of yours on his private jet? even luckier. I can only imagine...I hope you get back too!

    nadia - I'm so happy we shared such a great day in Paris together. I could've stayed for so much longer. I'm so glad you tacked on a couple of days!

  5. My husband and I just got married, and October is now our anniversary month. I hope we can get to Paris one year in October!

  6. You drove in Paris?! A brave woman you! It's so hard to not take photos of every moment, but I am going to try and put the camera down more on my next trip. ;)

    (p.s.---love Merci too)


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